Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Space Cadet Mark 2!

Well after lots of texting, a bit of a girly strop by text and a bit of slushy Saturday night texting we finally got to meet up for a second time (eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!) it was after I'd finished work as I was working around the corner from him and we'd intended to meet for a cup of tea, the tea didn't happen, a glass of wine and a coke for me and a couple of cokes for him. We had another lovely evening, lots of laughing and after meeting at 5 it was nearly 10 when we realised the time, the fact that we'd not eaten and should really go home!

I had a message before I'd arrived home and to be honest all is looking promising, so why can't I just leave it at that? Why do I have to always look further into it?

Again I've not stopped smiling...........

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mr Motivator

Well tonight we had a drag queen, some drunken texting to the Space Cadet and I managed to pull myself a personal trainer to boot! I'm not really sure how that happened to be honest! He is also an ex pro footballer, well who bloody knew eh?

The drunken texting wasn't a good idea, I don't do slushy, slushy isn't me, so how the hell did that happen eh?

The personal trainer was very sweet, cuddly (maybe what I needed after Monday?!) we didn't do anything apart from kissing and cuddles so that was fine really, I took him home at 2 the next afternoon and he gave me his card asking for my number, have had a few texts since but not seen him as yet since, he did see me texting Space Cadet on Sunday Morning and asked about him...........

Monday, 14 February 2011

V Day/D Day/Real Me Day

Well it's here, it's Valentines Day and the first one I've spent alone in 10 years, today was always going to be about celebrating getting through the last year, it's not been the easiest one I've had, this time last year my world was falling apart, it's amazing what difference 12 months can make.

I did have a couple of points in the day that were tough but work kept me busy and then two of the girls and my neighbour were coming around for dinner and champagne in the evening.

Well it all went well, when they neighbour turned up with a red rose for each of us girls and chocs for me I could have cried, bless him.

A good night was had, not morbid about what has passed, all of my firsts have been done now and I can honestly say I'm not sorry to see the end of that one, some has been amazing and some has been awful, the awful has gone and the amazing will continue, onwards and upwards from now on.

Oh despite some near misses I won the bet of being single for a year.

Lock up your sons, Valentines Day's over and the bet has been won ;-)

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Space Cadet Date

Well this is the one I've been waiting for, we finally got around to that drink that half of me was dreading and the other half couldn't wait for, what can I say? He didn't disappoint, tall, dark and cuter than his pictures, we spent the evening chatting and eventually got asked to drink up at midnight (on a Sunday too!) He was absolutely lovely and I spent the whole journey home in the car going eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo excited!

I got a message when I got home, saying he hoped I'd got home safe and he couldn't wait to catch up again, I know I over analyse things but what does 'catch up' mean exactly?

Anyway, have had a massive smile on my face since :-)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Final Countdown

Well I have been single a whole year on the 14th Feb (yeah perfect timing that!) and I can honestly say I can't wait for it to be over! I promised myself a year of being single and that's nearly done but the thing I want over with is all the firsts, my first birthday on my own, the first Christmas etc and just the first Valentines day to go now, I have booked the girls, the champagne is ready to go in the fridge and the pub will be warned that we're coming and it's going to be messy, as from the 15th the next year of my life starts and I can't wait :-)

The Best Friend

I guess the blog isn't just about dating, it's also about the men in my life, this one plays a particular importance, if you look on the car salesman entry you'll see how we met, it was the same day, he was the finance manager and we have been firm friends for the last 13 years, we have been there for eachother through thick and thin, girlfriends, boyfriends, houses, moves, everything really.

We meet up about once a month and always have curry (it's tradition now, we couldn't and wouldn't change it) We both love eachother to pieces but we know we couldn't ever go with eachother despite being told we are perfect together by just about everyone.

He is the one male that I trust with my life, he knows all my secrets and I know his, if we haven't seen eachother for a while one will send a text (usually as the other is thinking about it!) asking when the other is free, I don't have another friend that is brave enough to tell me the sorts of things that he does, like 'yes, you are being a bitch, stop it' when the ex and I split up it took three weeks for me to let him come over, purely because I knew that his was the harsh bit, the 'you know it was crap anyway' and that's exactly what he did and I love him for it :-)

The EX Files

The EX Files are something I wasn't really expecting, nearly every guy I've ever dated has come out of the closet and got in touch since the most recent ex left, even the one's with girlfriends, you really can't trust the male species at all can you?

My first love got in touch and ended up coming over for a night, I got the spare room ready and made it clear that that is where he was staying, we went out and had a LOT to drink and guess what? That isn't where he stayed at all, it was a huge mistake and it hadn't improved at all in the 17 or so years since the first time, he told me again that letting me go was the worst mistake he'd ever made (he first told me this on my 21st which was a few years after we'd split) we have though always been friends despite me walking in on my 17th Birthday two days before we were due to fly out on holiday on him snogging a girl I went to college with, hence the split (after the holiday I must add) We've been in touch since but I rebuff all of his suggestions of coming over and I only suggest meeting up when his kids are there so that there is no chance of that one happening again.

He's not the only one, they seem to have all crawled out of the woodwork!

To date a Stripper....

Well I gave in (you would understand if you saw him!) he came over to meet me on Saturday afternoon and he is just as pretty as he is in his pictures, spent a couple of hours with him being nice, charming and generally quite sweet, he followed this up with a message within 10 minutes of leaving telling me how I was much better looking than in my pictures etc, anyway it ended up he was working in the same town as I was this week and I needed a date for said do, so date number two was last night.

Hmmm, didn't really fit into the situation, he did however look lovely, I escaped at the end of the night, he wanted to come back to my hotel, my boss was insistant that he wasn't leaving me with a near stranger (errrr they didn't even know he's a stripper!) he is a smoker which I didn't know (I can't stand it and it says he's not on his dating profile)  and it meant that he spent a fair bit of time outside, he's also not the 6 footer it says he is, he's more 5'10 which is fine but I can't see why people don't tell the truth!!

Anyway much to his dismay I rebuffed his advances of coming back to my hotel and ignored his texts asking to come back, he's text and phone asking to come and meet me today but I said no, currently he's offering to come over and do me a massage, apart from him being really fit though I'm not convinced about the rest, is it just because of what he does?!