Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tuesday's Date

Well I was quite pleased to have someone from POF ask me out on a date after just a few e-mails and texts, so after only starting speaking to him on Sunday I went out with him last night as it wasn't a great success!

After this being the third first date at the same pub I should know the way but I followed my sat nav to completely the wrong place, ending up 40 minutes late, which to give him his due he was fine about.

As soon as he walked towards me I knew he wasn't for me, he was 35 which to be honest is a bit older than I normally go for (I know but I like them young!) and there was no chemistry, he drives a Citroen C3 but aspires to a Ford Focus, to a girl that's a petrol head it's really quite a shocking revelation, it was a little dull and after much watch and bracelet fiddling I made my excuses at half 10 (using getting home to the kitten!) and left, he tried to kiss me and I nearly sprang to the other side of the car park, it was all a little odd really, maybe my sights are set too high but really should I settle? I think I'd rather be single to be honest.

I've been asked out by another two guys on POF so I may go yet but we'll see, Squaddie has also asked me out on a date and has asked whether I'd like to do dinner, drink or something different, I went for something different and he has suggested camping, camping on a first date? Hmmmmm!

Life continues to be a bit of a whirlwind, I now have to decide after last nights date whether to give up on dating or to go for it and keep dating until I come across Prince Charming?! Decisions, decisions!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Saturday Space Cadet

Well apparantly the offer of taking the kitten over to try to cheer up the Space Cadets flatmate, the kitten was beautifully well behaved, although he wasn't too keen on the flatmate and even when he was alseep and we put him on her he got straight off!

He did get very cuddled up with the Space Cadet though and they were very cute together, for someone that doesn't like cats he's doing a very bad job of it!

A nice evening, didn't get home until gone 2.30 AM again, I don't know why I do it to myself, it's nuts really!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Dinner with the Best Friend and the Car Salesman

Last night was the night for dinner with the Best Friend and the Salesman, I'm really glad to say it didn't feel like it had been 10 years since we'd seen eachother last, a big hug started the evening and plenty of banter followed, including abuse about him going out with my friend which caused him a bit of embarassment, this is something he tells me that he very much regrets!

We had a nice indian (it's always indian with the Best Friend, it just is!) we then went to the pub, where the conversation continued to flow, I saw someone I know from my ex, incidently someone that I can't stand and we had many arguments over, he said hi and I responded (it hurt though I must say!)

A couple of minutes later he walked back in, followed by my ex, who I've not seen since he collected his stuff 18 months ago and not spoken to since I found out he was sh*gging someone else a few weeks later, it was odd, really odd, he didn't look any different, in fact he was even wearing the same shirt as he'd worn when we were together! He'd obviously been wared that I was in there and didn't even look in my direction!

The boys asked if I wanted to go somewhere else but I said no, I'd done nothing wrong and I thought that however uncomfortable I was feeling, he would be feeling worse wondering if I would shout at him in front of his friends!

We had a couple of drinks and then left just before closing, before I got home I had several texts saying how I'd not changed and that he'd love to take me out on a proper date, so that's something I need to make a decision on, we had a lovely evening and it was great to see him again but is there any real attraction and is going back a good idea?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dinner with the Space Cadet

The Space Cadet came for dinner but on Monday instead of Sunday due to be getting put on call, he did ask if i wanted to go and cook over there but I declined, he was called out anyway so it's lucky I didn't really! We (as always) had a lovely evening, I'm told the food was great (I was a little nervous about cooking for him if I'm honest!) The cat hater blatantly didn't leave as a cat hater, in fact I think he may be a little fond of them now and we had a few bangs to the evening when my homebrewed Elderflower Champagne went with a bang and exploded all over the kitchen at about 1.30 AM just before he was about to leave! Once we'd both got over the shock and laughter I cleared up while he let the fizz out of the other bottles, at least there is always laughter when we get together!

These are the remains of the bottles that went bang!

I sent him off with enough dinner for the following day and home baked cookies, not to be complained at I don't think?!

His flat mate is having some problems with men and keeps nagging him for a hamster, I jokingly said I'd take my kitten over to visit her instead and he asked if I would really, so the kitten and I are supposed to be visiting at the weekend, will it happen? Who know's with him?!

Friday, 10 June 2011


Well it's been a while since the last update and it's been a bit slow, lots of chatting but not much else to report, was asked on a date for tonight but decided not to go, I've got loads on and my minds all over the place after the week I've had!

After lots of messing around and jumping through hoops I finally got made redundant on Wednesday, a pittance of a redundancy and the bills to pay is playing on my mind!

I was asked over to the Space Cadet's on Wednesday after being made redundant though, I did hesitate but I went in the end and we had a lovely afternoon drinking tea and watching a rally film that he'd found out for me, he also had a cap for me from the Gumball rally that he'd had to go to for work in the week, quite sweet really. He's very easy company to be around, which with the situation can be hard at times, I think I'm doing surprisingly well with the whole friends thing though as that's  not something I wanted at all.

Prior to this visit we had planned on dinner this weekend and I volunteered to cook (which I am now kind of regretting!) and he's meant to be coming on Sunday for Spaghetti Carbonara and I actually feel a lot of pressure for it to be perfect which I don't think I should and on the other hand part of me expects him to cancel at the last minute, oh what a mess!

Musicman is still in touch and we are talking about meeting up, so now I have no job this might happen, he seems sweet.

The squaddie has now gone onto texting and has sent me two pictures, one of his arse and the other of the back of his body, both professional shots! I have to say from behind he's fit! He's away this weekend so I don't expect to hear from him, he also lives nearly three hours away so I can't see it coming to much to be honest.

We have a new one on the scene, the one that asked me on a date tonight, all I can say is he's a bit too keen, texts, can we talk on the phone, e-mails, just too much too soon really and I'm rubbish with men that are too clingy at the outset, he's a perfect example of this so I'm not sure I'll want to actually meet him, maybe I should just to see, ohhh I don't know!

It's the weekend and I'm full of cold again, not good :-(

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Weekend

Well it was a long weekend with much alcohol involved, it started on Friday with a band, followed by presentation night and a band on Saturday and oh another band and silly games on Sunday.

The Space Cadet asked again on Friday if I was going to his housewarming on Sunday but I said no, he's still in daily contact (quite scarily he's just text as I type this!) it's a bit like having a boyfriend without the good or bad bits of having a boyfriend!

Quote Me Happy was out all three nights, I didn't really get to talk to him on Friday as everytime we were near someone was talking to the other one, I spoke to him on Saturday and told him that I'd thought about texting to see if he fancied a drink out of the village and he asked why I hadn't, I said he hadn't either and he responded by saying he'd not thought of it but that yes he'd like it and where did I fancy.

His ex was there and proceeded to give me daggers, following my last night with him she'd asked me around a few times to help her with a few things that she was unsure about so I'd gone and we'd got talking, I'd felt awkward about it at the time but not as awkward as I felt that night, she and her mum were giving me evils while  talking to him and I think I managed to bring out the green eyed monster as she apparantly ended up going home with him, I don't know if she knows about what happens but I suspect she does, she's asked me over with some other friends on Saturday but I think I'll decline now!

I was going to text him following Saturday but after that I don't think I'll bother, nice as he may seem.

Mr Awesomeness has just moved and has been in daily touch and Musicman is also in touch on a daily basis and has asked me over for a drink, must get onto that really.