Sunday, 16 October 2011

Car Salesman and Night out mark two and date......

A night out on 10th September with the Best Friend, Car Salesman and three of my good girly friends (one of them dated the BF for several years) so I suppose there was a fair chance for things to go wrong, one of the girly friends left by about 11, leaving the five of us, the other girly friend's boyfriend works as a DJ in the club we ended up in.

I got chatted up in the cocktail bar as soon as we walked in which was nice, in fact he was chatting me up when the BF and Salesman walked in, which I think was good, the Salesman is always amazed that he gets jealous when he's around me, something he says doesn't happen with anyone else, there was a lot of flirting going down, when we got to the club, he spent a lot of time telling me how much he liked me etc, etc and the short story is that we ended up kissing, I was to be fair absolutely leathered, my mum picked me up as she does when I go out over there and gave him a lift home, he spent the whole of the journey telling my mum and youngest sister that I should give him a second chance and go on a date with him, my sister tells me he spent the journey home stroking my hair (he was sat behind me!) and we kissed when we left him.

So I quite obviously got the p**s ripped out of me the next morning by the family, however what no-one know's is that the BF went home with the girly friend and they well, went back in time a bit, I'm not supposed to know apparantly!

Salesman text telling me that he loved kissing me and fancy's me loads still, my mum and sister were lovely and they'd both said he could take me on a date, we arranged to go out on the Tuesday but that was thwarted by me needing to leave for work at 4 AM the next day and him still being at work at 7 that evening so he called me and we rearranged for Friday, which I didn't expect to happen as we'd not done well with it so far.

However 17th September arrived and he text asking what I wanted to do, he offered dinner and cinema and I said that just cinema would be fine, he booked tickets and we met up, it was kind of weird in a comfortable sort of way, he walked straight up and kissed me, the film was his choice and I really wasn't that keen, which he realised, as we came out of the cinema he put his arm around me and we went for a drink, again more kissing when the goodbye came which felt weird as I think it's probably the first time we've kissed when we're both sober!

He told me what a great time he'd had and that he couldn't wait for the next date, kept in touch via text and then he asked about going out on the 24th couple of weeks later, I said I was free and that was the last I heard, despite a couple of texts asking if he was ok etc, we were supposed to be having dinner on Wednesday, me, the Best Friend, his ex and the Salesman, I told the girly friend that Salesman wouldn't show, I didn't expect him to after ignoring me, the BF told me that it was going to just be the three of us, so I sent the Salesman a long text saying that I assumed I'd done something but I didn't know what, he said I'd not done anything and that he'd been going through some stuff and switched off from people, apologised a lot, I told him that he was a bit of a weirdo which he didn't take well, it was kind of left there but I'm not sure whether I'm hurt, upset or angry with him, he even talked my mum, my sister and one of my friends around into giving him a second chance!!

My luck really doesn't seem to be in with the male species at the mo does it?!