Tuesday, 21 January 2014

There isn't a great deal to report since my last post, a marriage proposal on POF and lots of messages, probably only one that I have any interest in but after an initial flurry of contact he's gone quiet (I don't understand that unless they find out something they really don't like which he's not had the opportunity to do as yet) anyway, no great loss but he is a policeman and I do like my uniforms....

On that note Uniform turned up to collect something the week before last, in his fireman's uniform and yes it was good, however last week he turned up to collect something else in his Army uniform and I have to say I was left a little speechless, the uniform definitely did it for me and he also smelled nice, not a great combination for me, made me a little weak at the knee's and I'm fairly sure it was visible!

I saw Looby yesterday, BIL is still playing around with the ex, it kind of gives me a reprieve so it's not such a bad thing, they'll probably break up when I meet someone, that's how we seem to work it.

I think that is all!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What a line........

My inbox today brought this little gem.....

Hi there gorgeous im a submissive crossdresser wana chat 

Well, as you can imagine I jumped and replied straight away, oh no actually I didn't! 

Messages like this make me realise why I'm single! 

Monday, 13 January 2014

It's been a while but I'm back!

Well it's been a while since my last post but I'm back, Blue Eyes and I lasted about a year, he was lovely, if anything too lovely for me, I also think he had a few issues with alcohol, well after finding several empty bottles stashed around the place that's what I can deduce from it! I've been single again for almost a year now and loving it as always, I've been on three dates, not worth seeing again, one was too short but nice, one was nice looking but had more to say by text than in person and I think the other was using photo's from about 20 years earlier!

A quick sum up of the last year......... enjoying being single far too much to actually bother looking, decided it's time to find Prince Charming (who will now be referred to as PC!) back on POF, still generally full of idiots trying to send you naked photos.

I'm still in touch with the Space Cadet, not quite everyday now but at least weekly, he's still lovely and I still love spending time with him, however he's a bit wet so I'm glad it never happened and it would have been a waste of a good friend when it didn't work out!

Still speak to Intel, we spent a day together last year at Goodwood FOS, he's a nice guy, has bugger all luck with women though, desperate for someone to love (maybe a little too much so!)

Still speak to Squaddie, he's still fooling around with women that are far too young for him and it never lasts but he's a good laugh so we still speak and occasionally see each other at events.

Knight In Shining Leathers is still around, as is Billy Bullshit, who still keeps asking me out.

I've had a couple of blasts from the past appearing, one is current. Doorman and I first met when I was 17 and he was 16, we liked each other on sight but I was dating his friend and I thought he was too young for me (a year seemed a lot at that age!) When his friend (The One Who Left His Wife) and I split he didn't take it well and one night when we were out pinned me against a wall shouting at me, Doorman pulled him away and escorted him outside, coming to make sure I was ok and took me home to ensure I got there safely, I did and he didn't leave until the next morning, it is still one of the best nights I've had, he's said about coming to visit, he's in regular contact, although some of the messages aren't really my thing, I'm still debating the 'do I, don't I' it won't add to my numbers and could still be a bit of fun but I'm not sure fun is really what I'm after these days, will update with any news on it.

I have a good friend that I met about 18 months ago, Looby is a cake maker and I did a decorating course with her when Blue Eyes and I were together, she's lovely and we hit it off straight away, the first time we met she was telling me about her Brother In Law and how she thought we'd be perfect for each other, when Blue Eyes and I split up BIL was already seeing someone but every time I see her it's mentioned, I time her and it's rarely longer than 10 minutes before she mentions him and in more recent months it's been about how he and the girlfriend weren't well suited and I'd be better!
Just before Christmas I got a message saying 'shown BIL your photo and he thinks your fit' I pointed out that he has a GF and she said that she was just 'sewing the seed' well Friday I was at work and I get a call from Looby, first words were 'he's dumped her' 'who' I ask, BIL has dumped the GF, two weeks she tells me before she fixes us up on a date, will keep you posted!

Clark Kent is from POF and he's hot, funnily enough he looks like Clark Kent (in the little nerdy, glasses and is so going to be hot when he puts some nice clothes on (or gets them off!) he's suggested an 'audacious' outdoorsy date but works in the city so it needs to be a weekend.

Mr Amazon is from Match and sounds lovely, has a child though and lives a little too far away really for it to be a sensible option but we do speak daily by email, can't see that going anywhere though.

I have met someone in the village also but again I'm not convinced and think we'll end up being friends,  we'll call him Uniform, he is in the Army and has more uniforms than you could shake a stick at, he is also a retained Fireman (I know it sounds promising!) I first met him about a year ago but only briefly, I had dinner at a friends a couple of months ago and he'd been invited too, he then did dinner and invited me and we've done it a few more times since, I've been to his, he's been here, he loves the cats and wants one, he's nice but not really my type, not really tall enough, smokes (hate it!) probably drinks too much but on the other hand has his own home, a career rather than a job and works hard, as well as loving the cats, I don't think there is any real chemistry but he's nice to spend time with, he did make a kind of attempt to kiss me on boxing day morning when he left and when we are together he's always snuggled up to me on the sofa however I think we're going down the friends route, which sometimes is better than the other option as it doesn't have the chance of going horribly wrong!

I think that's about it for the catch up!