Saturday, 4 April 2015


I've had a bit of a 'thing' with someone we'll call 22 (because he is!) I've known him for over four years now, he used to ask me out back then when he was 18 but I obviously used to say no, I saw him at the end of last year, puberty did a fabulous job on him, I remember thinking 'you've missed a trick there' he'd been a rather gawky teenager, talk, skinny, glasses, he's filled out a bit, does a manual job, got contacts and looks really good. We had a chat about how he was doing, how his parents were etc, he'd been with his girlfriend a couple of years and was due to get married, so we chatted about that. Thought nothing more of it.

A few months later he suddenly reappeared on Facebook, he told me him and the gf had split, she was a psychopath (we knew that already) and he'd pop round for a cuppa and tell me all about it, which he did on the Friday, he asked if I wanted him to bring wine round which I declined as I didn't think it was a good idea, he came round for a cuppa, two cups of tea, lots of laughing and chatting and he went home, it wasn't quite that straight forward as one of his best mates is my neighbour, so he knew he'd been here.

I got messages each day for the following week and I bumped into him in the pub on Friday, he joined us and we chatted, they went off somewhere else and the texting continued, could be come round for a cuppa, which he did, he stayed and well you can guess the rest, it was a nice night, he's really sweet, he text me as soon as he left.

Since then he's asked to come round quite a lot but I keep declining, it just feels set up which I don't want it to be, we're not talking everyday but still regularly, I turned him down coming round this week, I'm not sure I want to turn him down really, if we were both out in the same place at the same time I'm pretty sure something would happen again, we will see.

The two and a half years of no sex is officially over and rather spectacularly too!!