Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I don't know why I bother!!

On the 21st October I matched with this guy and he messaged quite quickly and a lot, he asked if I'd like go for a drink, which we did a week later, we got on really well, he text before I got home to say he'd had a lovely evening and would I like to go out again, to which I said yes. 

We were texting lots, all the time in fact, we went out again a week later and had another nice evening, kissed at the end, again a text before I'd got home checking I'd got back safely and thanking me for a lovely evening. 

More texting and asked me out again, we arranged to go for dinner on Sunday, all the time texting and him being very keen, I expressed to a friend that I thought he might be a bit too nice and a bit keen for me really but that we did get on really well so decided to go with it. 

We met for dinner on Sunday, had another nice evening, he was talking about next time, we kissed again (initiated by him) before I got home the text arrived and we decided on the cinema for date four, we've been chatting lots, he was saying he'd need to find some veggie recipes, he text me on the Monday to say he had tonsillitis which I obviously wasn't keen on catching which caused a bit of joking. 

There has been a serious amount of messaging, both on Tinder and by text and three dates, last one on Sunday, he asked about all of them, he asked about date four, he said last night that he thought we were definitely on for date five, we said goodnight as usual, he text me this morning as usual and then he sent me a message saying he'd had a think and he doesn't think he's ready for anything serious but he'd still be up for going out but he'd understand if I'm not. 

I don't understand how we got here, I don't understand what's gone on at all to be honest, occasionally I think I'll just let it go and take it one day at a time and look what happens, I let myself think there might be more in it and I get let down. 

Is dating really worth it? Is it?