Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The texts keep coming...........

Uniform has been gone two weeks now, it does feel longer though I have to admit!

Since the text arrived Friday before last I've been receiving daily messages from him, which is nice, the texts have been pretty general with a little bit of flirting thrown in there for good measure, another three weeks until he comes home and two weeks after that I'll be jetting off on holiday myself.

I've had a few people messaging on POF that I've talked to in the past and they've come back after a period of being off of the site, no one I'm particularly excited about though.

I have another two presentations to get ready this week, both for second interviews, lets hope that one of them turns into a job soon, I have just under two weeks to be starting a job before the money runs out, which isn't a place that I want to be in!

That is about it!!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Getting warmer........

Life seems to have twists and turns at every step, after the terrible day that was Wednesday Thurday brought some time with a friend and Friday two more interviews, both minus the firing squad of  the previous two, one I wouldn't want, the other I think I'd enjoy but is a trek to work, something I'm not used to.

This morning brought a message from Uniform, can't say I wasn't pleased, I thought it would be 'out of sight, out of mind' he says it's been raining there, another thing I'm pleased about, anything that helps the not emigrating effort (even if we are to stay just friends!)

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

The rest of the day was spent with my lovely, tall, dark, handsome Space Cadet and his Mum at the Rugby! We had a great day, awesome score, fabulous company and we didn't get wet! His Mum is also lovely.

For anyone that thinks online dating I'd mad, I'd have never met him without it and although he's flakey at times when the chips are down he's always there to make a difference and make my world a little brighter with his prescence.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bad day!!!!

Oh what a terrible day, I spent all day yesterday preparing a presentation for an interview, it was the worst interview ever, I'm sure I still hadn't done enough or learnt what they wanted me to, companies these days seem to pretty much want someone doing exactly the same job for exactly the same industry and it's annoying, I really think I could bring a lot to the role but I won't get a chance.

My hero of the day is the one and only Space Cadet, I have been feeling rather down and emotional and sent him a message 'I'm in need of some Space Cadet love' immediately got a text back 'Us, Rugby, Saturday' and a phonecall, he still knows how to play it when I'm low, I needed it and I appreciated it, rugby date with him and his Mum!!

Uniform arrived in Oz, it keeps popping up on FB about emigrating!

I am in desperate need of a cuddle :-(

Monday, 5 May 2014

A very messy few days.......

It's not been long since my last post but I thought I'd better bring it up to date as it's been busy.

I finished work on Thursday, it was my last day and he kept me busy until the end, I'd been asked to go to the pub but had decided to stay in, then Uniform arrived and asked if I fancied going around for a drink, it had been a stressful week so I said yes and joined him about an hour later, sofa, wine, movie, more wine.......

I can't remember going to bed, I can't remember anything until about 07:30 when we both woke up in bed........naked, now I don't normally do naked, I'd at least keep pants on, it seems not this time, cuddled up As normal, went and made me tea, farted around like normal, sorted his keys for me to copy, I came home, feeling rather well for two bottles of wine.

I was due to go out shopping with a friend.  (Being my first day off work) so I came home and had a shower, then I started feeling a bit rough, which got worse and worse and worse, the vomiting started, pure wine I must add, I out a piece of toast in the toaster which is where it stayed until Saturday morning, I picked my friend up as planned thinking if I was doing something I'd feel better, I had to stop the car to throw up, twice, all the time wondering if I had anything to be embarrassed about, he knew I was feeling it and took the mick a couple of times, I came straight home and promptly died for the rest of the day!

I went and did the jobs with my friend on Saturday that I should have done on Friday, shopping, lovely lunch, car valeted, his keys etc and then walked up the pub for 'one' got slaughtered, lots of shots, home late, as usual, he came in, had a couple and said he was going home and he'd see me on Monday to take him to the station, he said goodbye to my friend and gave her a hug and I felt a little irritated, I guess I'd have liked a bit more time but it seems I am a bit last minute as per usual.

I knew I wouldn't see him on Sunday as he was at a BBQ, I said I'd help at the pub for a few hours and then my friends band was playing so I stayed to watch them but I only had a couple to drink and was home by half 10.

It was D Day today, I went round to pick him up and I've never seen him look so nervous, he doesn't normally do nerves, I'm keeping an eye on the house for him so as he was stressing I was telling him not to worry about things and that I'd sort them while he was away (changing sheets, binning things etc) eventually I told him to just get in the car and stop stressing, and off we went.

On the way to the station he was telling me how it could be life changing as if he likes it he hopes to be living there in the next year, I actually felt a little upset by that I have to admit, dropped him off, made sure he got his ticket, while the woman there was talking to us like a couple and asking why I wasn't going.........  And then it was time to say goodbye, I was feeling a little emotional and as he was trying to get me to take fuel money I told him I didn't want it and to 'just come here' gave him a hug and kiss and I was gone before a tear or two arrived in my eyes!

Then I text him, explaining that I had a massive memory blank and did I need to know anything! (It seemed a good time as I don't need to face him for five weeks!) he replied with 'no, it was all fine lol' I am still none the wiser as to if anything happened or not, I have a feeling we kissed but I will never know now!

I went for an impromptu dinner with a friend but I'm now sitting feeling rather sad that he's gone,I sometimes wish I was better at being more open and had spoken to him..........