Tuesday, 29 November 2011

More messy nights......

I've been a little slack on my updates, Blue eyes is still appearing, he's stayed here at least once every weekend since the first time he stayed here, I've still not really got a clue what's going on, he's nice to spend time with, I went out with him on Friday but wasn't drinking as I had work early on Saturday morning, so I left early and came home alone for once!

I worked Sat and then went out to meet everyone once I'd finally got home, after an 18 hour day I wasn't feeling particularly up for it but managed to stay out until closing, accompanied home by Blue Eye's, I made him tea and toast again (shocking I know!) and we spent a few hours in the afternoon cuddled up on the sofa, which I've got to say was really nice, we're still in the can't keep our hands off each other which is quite cool, even sitting on the sofa he'll sit holding my hand etc, something I'm really not used to, we eventually had to move as we'd promised we'd go out for Messy Sunday, however the whole of the normal Messy Sunday Squad lamed out quite early so we unusually left before closing and came back here.

He commented when we were in bed that he would have quite happily spent the afternoon here rather than going out and how nice it had been, I joked that when I was on Christmas Shutdown I'd be getting him over every night and making sure he didn't get any sleep, he said I was horrible and I commented that all he had to do was say no, he said he thought being able to say no to me was very unlikely!

Have heard from him everyday I think but I don't think I'll see him this weekend as he's out of the village on Friday and I'm working on Sunday which means I can't go out on Saturday and it's unlikely that I'll be back in time for Messy Sunday (I know, can't say I'm too pleased about that bit to be honest!)

I went out for dinner with the Best Friend last night, curry club as usual but I also went to see his rather lovely new house, we had some deep and meaning full's which we normally try to avoid, he's a bit bored with the girlfriend again but he thinks he'd get bored with anyone so isn't really looking into it too much, he asked what was going on with me and had the shortened version of the Blue Eye's story, it seems he thinks it can't go on being fun forever and that the time will come when we'll have to work out whether to call it a day or it become more than it is but the question is, is this really necessary? Can't it just carry on until it's not fun anymore and then that be it and us go back to just being friends? And if not why?

Should we stay with someone that bores us because that's normal and it's what everyone else does? Can you really not have it all?

I want it all and I honestly think I'd rather stay single until I get it but Best Friend say's it's impossible and we can't have it all, what happened to change him? Is he going to end up settling in front of my eyes?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blue Eyes Update

I've not seen him but heard from him a couple of times this week, he's also apologised a few times this week about keeping me up and waking me up on Monday!

I had a really long day at work, starting by having to get up at 3 AM and getting home about 8 PM, I'd responded in the morning to a text he'd sent the night before and added that my Sat Nav had broken on the way and that it was a miracle I'd actually got there, I got a message from him on my way home saying 'Hi, how was the long day of work? Because you said your sad nav had packed up I've been a little worried. Didn't know if you would be able to find your way home' I have to say the message definitely got an awww out of me! It made my day!

Well Evil Twin today asked if he'd been invited out at the weekend and I'd said no, so I got talked into inviting him and he's coming out tomorrow, I still don't know where the ground lies with this one to be honest, I guess time will tell eh?

See if we can stop behaving like a pair of teenagers?!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Messy Sunday........

Well Messy Sunday was indeed errr messy! I got there and Blue Eyes, Evil Twin and Mr Modest were already there as usual as they play poker in the afternoon, Evil Twin text me this morning asking for the goss and commented that 'you wouldn't have got a piece of paper between you two last night' I didn't think we'd been that obvious but apparently I was wrong! I did notice at a couple of points he had his hand on my knee but I don't think he even realised it!

He'd told me he was going home early but we left at closing as ever and he walked me home which is becoming a bit of a habit, he commented as we left that he was going home to his and I was going home to mine, which I was fine with, when we got near his he said he'd walk me around to mine, I said I'd be fine as I always have been in the past but he insisted, he hovered saying he was going as he had to get up for work but came in anyway!

He also stayed (again!) and I somehow agreed to set my alarm for 5.30 for him, he had to be at work at 8.00 but still didn't leave until 7.30, total nightmare to get out of bed but to be fair I don't think I helped much!

He is sooo sweet, undeniable chemistry between us but I still had cold feet this morning, after being hurt I'm not really sure I'm ready to have a man in my life, although I'm not sure that's really what it is, maybe it's just a bit of friends with a bonus?

I've quite liked being single, been having a great time although at times it would be nice to have someone in my life, I keep going back to 'he's not really my type' but when's that helped me in the past?!

A Messy Evening.....

Hadn't heard from Blue Eyes all week, which to be honest I'd not expected too (he had my number to get me a printing quote but had said his boss would ring me) as I was getting ready to go out last night there was a missed call on my mobile (I'm terrible with it, the service where I live is bad and it's on silent most of the time, I rarely do phone calls on it and just really use it for texting) but when I clicked on the number  I'd had three missed call's from it, one on Wednesday and two yesterday, I rang it purely because there had been three calls and Blue Eye's answered, he said he'd called about a couple of things, firstly to apologise for being 'shamefully drunk' on Sunday, I told him he had nothing to apologise for and that we'd all been in the same state and he also had the quote for me.

I have to admit I was concerned by the 'shamefully drunk' it kind of said to me that he regretted Sunday.

I asked him if he was coming out (it had kind of been arranged last Sunday and Evil Twin was due to be knocking for him) he said probably and we left it there.

Evil Twin arrived and said she'd knocked for him but he'd not answered so she rang him and he'd not heard her, so he came over too and we had a couple here before going out.

I brought the 'shamefully drunk' comment up with him when we were out and he said I'd got the wrong end of the stick, that he'd been concerned that he'd said or done something to offend me, especially as I'd ignored his calls,  I pointed out that as I didn't have his number I didn't know it was him and we talked about the fact that neither of us wanted it to be awkward.

Much drinking took place, much flirting went along with it, he ended back at mine and spent the night here, he did remark at one point that we were acting like 'lovestruck teenagers' which I thought was fairly funny! He's a hell of a kisser, I even made him coffee and breakfast this morning which is almost unheard of. 

I was feeling rotten this morning (all day in fact!) which he found rather funny, he eventually left around 11 as he had family coming over, I was ready to die quietly by this time anyway.

He text about 7 to tell me that he has a love bite and all of his mates are laughing at him and to ask how my head is, so we've had a couple of texts between us.

We should all be out again tomorrow for messy Sunday, I think I'll be getting grief tomorrow for the love bite from everyone and the spanish inquisition from Mr Modest (as Blue Eyes had last night about Sunday!) 

The Knight in Shining leathers was out, nice to see him as always and have a catch up.

A very funny and good night in all, even if I can't remember getting home or going to bed, we only worked out this morning we'd carried on drinking before bed when we found glasses and shot glasses in the kitchen this morning.

We had lots of conversations about the fact that it had taken him three days to phone me, he said he'd thought about it before but had been really busy and then thought I was ignoring him, a little bit of crossed wires I think!

Will anything come to it? Who know's, I would though like to keep him as a friend at least.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Busy Times!

Well it's been busy but not really in the dating field! I took a huge leap on the job front and went for something that came with massive opportunity but also massive responsibility and a big change, the job is similarish to before but the industry is entirely different to anything I've ever done but a bit of a dream for a petrol head like me!

The dating fronts been quiet, I've really not done anything to push it and you can probably see from my last post, I keep getting messages from Artboy and Intel but I really don't think I want to go down either of those avenues, Car Salesman has fallen off the planet and the Space Cadet is, as ever in daily contact!

I don't want to tempt fate but I did, however meet someone a few weeks ago, he's not from a dating site, he lives in the village but isn't from the village and was introduced to me by a friend, the thing is, when we go to Messy Sunday we always read our star signs in the Sunday magazine (we were born on the same day!) it said that a friend was going to introduce you to someone significant, we joked about it, she said she didn't know anyone decent enough (fairly normal in the village!)

A little while later her and one of the boys that is a Messy Sunday regular with us, introduced me to one of the guys they play Poker with, nice but not really my type and neither me or the Evil Twin were either drinking or out for long (I know very unusual and I'll make sure it doesn't happen too often!) We played a couple of games of skittles and then went home.

The next time I saw him was at a charity night a week or so ago, we were talking and he was saying he'd just moved, it turns out he's literally opposite my place! Now Evil Twin normally walks me part of the way home but decided that he was responsible enough for the job, so he walked me up but I left him at the corner of his and said goodnight.

We were all out again on Sunday and Evil Twin and Mr Modest (ha, hardly!) lamed out about 10 and went home but I was determined that being my first Messy Sunday for ages there was no way I was leaving before closing, so he (I think we'll go for Blue Eyes for him for now) stayed out with me and we continued drinking and talking, as we walked home we were having a discussion about why we were both single and I was telling him how I didn't want to settle for second best or spend my life with someone but not being really happy, he said it was the same for him.

When we got to the corner where his is he said he couldn't work out where I lived (which is easy done from where he is to be fair) so I showed him and he came in and we continued drinking and talking, until that was that he kissed me, which pretty much continued for the rest of the evening, well until about 7 AM to be honest when I decided it was time for him to go home so that I could at least try to get a couple of hours sleep in before starting work at 10! He said he was going to phone in sick which I thought was a little lame!

It was a really nice night, he's a pretty good kisser and the only reason I put it off going any further was that I actually do like him and I'd hate to make the whole friend thing become awkward if it goes wrong or only turned out to be a one nighter it could make the Messy Sunday Awesome Foursome all a bit awkward!

Talking to Evil Twin last night, she was really happy about it, she can't help but sing his praises, whether for one or both of us it was just the drink talking I don't know but I had a HUGE smile on my face all day Monday and a fair bit of the old Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk, for anyone that know's the Space Cadet story when I feel Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky it normally leads to disappointment because it never works out. Evil Twin said I looked like the cat that had got the cream last night, so now it's time to get ready to come back down to earth and I'm very much hoping it's not awkward at the weekend! :-(

For the 'records' he's about 6' tall, dark, curly hair, very lovely Blue Eyes (hence the name!) and is really not my type at all.............., oh and he's also a smoker which is on my never again list!