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Monday, 18 June 2018

Cat Lover..............

Cat Lover………..

So, Cat Lover and I matched on Bumble while I was working in London on my big Awards do, back in Mid-April.

I’ve tried sending people imaginative messages but if I’ve spent time on it and they don’t respond it pisses me off, so now I start with a ‘Hi’ and if they respond we go from there.

He responded and then asked if I was a Londoner, bollocks thought I, I don’t swipe and travel as it’s a pain if you match with someone at the other side of the country, however when I said no he said that he lived in Warwick which as I live in Northants is pretty close (18 miles to be exact) it was worth continuing the conversation.

We talked for around 10 days on Bumble before he asked if I had Whatsapp and then transferred over to there, we messaged several times a day, I found out during this time that he’s a massive Cat Lover, how brilliant is that? Finally, one that doesn’t moan about them or how many I have (5)

I had just started to wonder if he was ever going to get round to asking me out when he did just that, we arranged to meet for a drink on the Sunday and meet near to where he lives (I normally go for the middle but there is nothing where I live (apart from a couple of places in the village where I’d know people) and neither of us knew anything in the middle, it’s also super rare for me to match with someone that close!)

He told me where to park my car and he came to find me there, we recognised each other immediately which is a good sign! I had managed to sneakily ask a couple of days before how tall he is and he told me he was 6.075 which I thought was quite a specific measurement but he really is that tall, which is nice as it means that he’s taller than me in heels (I wore heeled boots so I could check)

We went to a nice pub and had a drink, well I had diet coke as I was driving and he had a couple of drinks, he’s a big wine fan and likes wine tasting, so I suggested that I chose and he tried to work out what it was, after him paying for the first round he gave me his card to go to the bar with, I obviously refused, I ordered him a wine and he didn’t get it right,  he’s very competitive and was a bit disappointed in himself, the next round he gave me his card and I ordered again, he got it this time but apparently I have a brilliant poker face as when I told him he got it wrong again he believed me!

We had a really nice evening, laughed a lot and he kept coming to hug me, which was a little strange and a first for a first date, although Cunt Face was a little bit like that the first time we met (lets hope that’s not a bad omen eh?) the pub was closing so we left and he asked if I wanted a little tour so we went for a walk round, he showed me the castle, the old hospital, the church and the stars (how romantic does that sound?!)

I didn’t really have anything in the way of negatives which is highly unusual for me, he lives fairly close (18 miles is really close for me, I’m used to up and down the other end of the country) he’s tall, dark haired (although he does have a bald patch coming on the back of his head) he’s got a good job, owns his own home, is funny and sweet………. 30, if I was being picky I’d maybe like him a couple of years older)

He said he’d had a great time and we continued chatting, by Wednesday I wondered if he was going to ask me out again, the chat seemed to indicate that he liked me and had a good time but I find that they usually mention seeing each other again really early on. He then asked what I was doing at the weekend, as the weather was due to be nice we decided on a trip to the Zoo, it meant going upwards on the map for me so I said I’d collect him on the way through.

By Friday I thought that the zoo might be a bit ambitious for a second date as it meant us spending quite a lot of time together, I was a little nervous as I thought I might have felt a little chemistry on date 1, he had messaged asking if we were eating after the Zoo, again this seemed like a lot to commit to (do I sound like I’m commitment phobic? Maybe I am, it’s over 8 years since I’ve been in a proper relationship, I had around a year with Blue Eyes but it was never very serious and I made that very clear so there was never any pressure on me)

Dressing for a sunny day at a Zoo is a nightmare, I went for knee length shorts and a vest top, super casual.  I arrived at his house, he got in the car and kissed me acting like we’d known each other for years and it was perfectly normal, it was at that point I noticed the piercing Blue eyes I’d somehow missed on the first date, I love Blue eyes and I’m not sure how I missed them to be honest.

We had a great day, he apologised early on for him being ‘quite affectionate’ and he really was, he touched, kissed and hugged me at every opportunity but not in an odd way, I’ve been single so long that I really miss a bit of affection so it was good.

On the way back he said that there was a pub he’d like to take me to but on the way we passed signs for Stratford-upon-Avon and decided to stop there, it was a lovely evening, we had dinner and he was the same as he was in the Zoo, super affectionate, we do maybe take the mick out of each other a bit too often though and that seems to continue.

Spending 12 hours with someone on a second date is a first for me, again the nearest I’ve got to that in the past is with Cunt Fact where we spent around 6 hours together.

I was out with the Space Cadet on the Sunday, we went to watch the GT Racing at Silvertone, it was almost a little odd as we went with his brother (the one that messages me A LOT) his girlfriend and their parents, kinda felt a bit coupley, we had a nice day but I got ridiculously burnt (it’s rarely anything but cold and windy at Silverstone so warmth was quite a surprise) there is more of a story with the brother and GF which I’ll do a separate post on at some point)

The evening before date three we were talking and Bumble came up, he was a little bit miffed to think I'd still been using it, which I have to admit I kind of understand but in the past largely people have continued using it so I deleted it, as had he. 

Since then we’ve had three more dates, he came and spent the night at mine twice and the second time we both worked from home, I have to say that over 24 hours was too long together and I was happy to see him go home, I don’t know if it’s that I’m not that into him or that I’ve been alone so long that it just totally freaks me out. He also earned brownie points on date three by bringing flowers with him, I LOVE flowers. 

The third time I went to his, he had planned a few things to do, then asked if I minded watching the Rugby, which I didn’t really. We didn’t go on the picnic as the weather wasn’t amazing, so I dragged him out and we went for a walk around a park, we didn’t go out for dinner as we had picnic food so really it was too much time together not doing anything for me, I think I would have felt less hemmed in, if we had been doing things?

By lunchtime on the Sunday I’d really had enough and went home, all ready to call it a day because again I felt a bit claustrophobic, I drove home the long way with the feeling that I just wanted to run away but it’s my own head I want to run away from really but that’s the bit that I can’t get away from no matter what I do.

I did something I don’t do often enough, instead of reacting I slept on it and by Monday had decided that I wasn’t sure I really wanted to call it a day, he has some traits that I really like, it hadn’t felt on the Saturday like we had much in the way of chemistry but we definitely had on the first couple of dates, I’ve not been past date three in years (I got to date three with Cake Destroyer last year) and I don’t know if it just scares me or whether genuinely it’s just not going to work out but I’ve now not seen him for just over a week and I have felt like I’ve missed him.

I find the Internet dating age difficult, I hear from him every day without fail, would I miss that or him? He was away for the weekend and I didn’t hear from him as much as usual (I didn’t expect to) and did miss it but again what do you actually miss?

Another thing to consider is that we are both Cancerian's which means that we are both confusing and confused and a bit crabby, I'm not sure that this helps us but he's been really good at picking up on my fears, for one of the dates he suggested a time and then asked if it was 'too much togetherness' for me. 

On another note we’ve slept together three times now but we’ve not had sex and I don’t know if that muddies the water a bit? I’m not the sort of girl that rushes in and don’t sleep with someone before three dates but I’ve never met a man that’s gone this long without putting in a bloody good effort to get in my knickers, I know that it’s not that he doesn’t like me, what he says’ and does is contrary to that, the only thing that I can think of is that we had a conversation about penis size (I called him a knob head and it went from there) and he said that unfortunately nobody likes a small penis…………..

Now 22 had a massive penis and after having sex twice I never want to put myself through that again so size isn’t everything, however I guess it depends what the definition of small is?

I’ve had a week off and we’re going to see each other this week, so we’ll see where we go from there?

Monday, 1 January 2018

Round Up...........

I've been a bit strapped for time at the moment and I managed to lose my 22 story after spending two weeks writing it on and off I thought I’d give you a little roundup of what’s been going on in my little world.

22 has been in touch but that’s nothing new, it’s rare that I don’t hear from him at least monthly, as has the Hot Welsh Tennis Coach but again he’s in touch all of the time so nothing exciting.

Shoe Guy has been in touch, he’s not said that he’s bored with the girlfriend but I can’t imagine why he would be in touch with me if that wasn’t the case, I had predicted as much a year ago but unless something changes with him having a girlfriend though I won’t be getting involved.

At one point in the last week I received iffy snapchats from both the Space Cadet and his brother, right at the same moment which had me in fits of laughter, SC offered me Rugby for today but I couldn't be bothered, his brother told me he wished he were single as he would love to be spending some time with me. 

Usual suspects have come out of the woodwork, a very brief conversation with Cunt Face about what a bad time he is having but very much short answers, maybe he is trying to be good?

A couple of months ago I matched with the gorgeous electrician, 6’ ex Royal Marine, lives in the town I work in, we’ve talked a fair bit on and off but although he’s talked about meeting, we never quite get there, his conversation has been amazing, funny, pushing the boundaries but never stepping over them, until Friday when he sent me a cock shot, why do they have to ruin it? I don’t know yet whether he’s being written off for it or not, he’s hot, funny, clearly intelligent and articulate, was it just a late-night lapse but although he tells me he’s shy which is why we haven’t met yet he is ex-military and it’s rare they are shy and he’s being flown out to Sweden this week to teach people Ice Driving, can he be those things and be shy? I can be shy even though no one would ever expect that of the bolshie person they know!

The week before Christmas I had a meeting in London with Procurement Guy, when he messaged me the day before asking if I wanted to meet for a coffee prior to the meeting I expected him to suggest meeting near the venue, instead he asked what time my train was coming in and where to and said he’d meet me at the station. In times where I find that men are rather flaky I have to admit to being impressed at him travelling right across London to meet me before heading right across London again.  

I still don’t see him as my type but he is a nice guy, we had been chatting on Skype, partly work related things, partly flirty banter as I was getting ready to release a big announcement, obviously I didn’t say anything to him as there are masses of things in my role that I can’t talk to anyone about.

The announcement went out to our senior team, on that team is his Director and another Director that he reports to via a dotted line. Within minutes of the announcement dropping in the senior’s inboxes he called me and said ‘were you writing that when we were talking?’ I said that yes, I’d be writing is as we spoke, he said that he knew it was stuff that I couldn’t tell him but it was announcements that he was happy with as they would affect his role and he asked if I’d known when we were at the event the previous month and he’d been moaning about them, I said that I’d known for months now but that until the announcement I couldn’t talk to anyone about it.

Apparently later that day his boss sent him the announcement, he told him that he’d already seen it and was asked how, his answer was:
‘I was in the hotel room with Frog Princess when she was writing it’
Followed by a response from his boss:
To which he finally told him that he was joking and his boss told him he was a fucking idiot!
I found that quite funny.

Apparently most of the questions his boss asks him are answered with some variation on in a hotel room with me, which I have to admit I find quite funny as long as he doesn’t say it to my boss who is totally unlike his and wouldn’t find it amusing in the slightest!

He was waiting at the station when I arrived, the banter started immediately and continued throughout the morning, when we got to the meeting it was a disaster, the ‘Events Team’ had done their usual bad job, booking a room for 50 when we have 250 people coming, we pretty much overruled their decisions all round, he agreed with all of mine and said he didn’t feel that they would do a good job, he was shocked at how bad a job they had done, I have worked with them before so I wasn’t.

We went for lunch after and worked through some plans, before he saw me back to the station, we’ve not spoken much since as it’s Christmas break but had a call with the events group last year, at one point he told them I could do a much better job than the people we are paying but I’m pretty sure his boss saw it as him having a bit of a soft spot for me!

I spent a day Christmas Shopping with the Best Friend and discovered that the girlfriend I knew wasn't my greatest fan really dislikes me and our relationship but I'll cover that more in a later post,  I also had dinner with his ex, who is also a very good friend of mine. 

I have my first date of 2018 on Friday, in London, maybe next week’s post will be a bit more exciting? 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Shoe Guy………

I met through the Space Cadet and he and I met on POF YEARS ago, like in the first year I was single, so late 2009 we had a couple of dates and decided not to pursue it but to be friends and we still are really good friends.

He has all the traits I wouldn’t want in a boyfriend, he’s definitely a player (although insists he isn’t) has more female ‘friends’ than you can shake a stick at (I’m 99% sure most are from online dating) he’s flaky, rubbish at planning, late for everything, so it was undoubtedly a good choice; however he is really good company and while he’s flaky if I needed something he would be right there which is a really important factor and I love him for that, even though when we have planned something and he flakes it’s bloody annoying, so usually I invite him to things I’m happy to do on my own should he flake, such as bike racing.

We’ll call SC’s friend Shoe Guy because he has a REALLY big thing about shoes.

In the middle of 2015 there was an advert for a film ‘The man and Le Mans’ which I wanted to see, mentioned it to SC and when we looked at it, it was on very limited showings, so he said he’d get tickets for December 19th and we’d go, he suggested asking some of his other friends which I was cool with, I kind of expected a load of girls (you would with SC) I guess they probably weren’t up for it!

I’d arranged to meet SC nearby for lunch and he would drive from there, he picked another friend up on the way there and said another two were meeting us there, we walked into the bar by the cinema and upon laying eyes on Shoe Guy all that went through my head was ‘why didn’t I wear any makeup today’ well I didn’t because I was going to meet SC who has long been written off in the romantic sense! He wasn’t amazing looking, about 5’10 with a nice smile (and a receeding hair line) but there was something quite attractive about him.

It was apparent that he had recently split with his girlfriend as the boys were talking about when she had moved out, he came to sit next to me when we sat down and made an effort to talk to me, ask where I lived, what I did etc, there was definitely a little bit of flirting going on, we had a nice afternoon the five of us and the film was brilliant.

The boys were all taking the piss out of him as he has a habit of buying old cars with the intention of fixing them up (I’m talking 70’s classics here not shit heaps) but always seems to buy ones that are much worse than he thought and he has little or no mechanical knowledge, just a big wallet.

During this time I was seeing the guy that ‘didn’t want anything serious’ so was still doing the dating thing, although I hadn’t been on dates with anyone else.

Anyway that evening on the way home SC suggested that I add him and one of the others on FB to see what they were doing with the cars (I am a big car/bike fan) so I added them both.

Shortly after he sent me a message saying that it was nice to meet me and it was a great film, I responded saying that it was good to meet him too and had been a nice afternoon, I think he thought that Space Cadet and I were together as he said things about me needing to whip him into shape and that I should get him to organise more things, I said that wasn’t a job I would take on and that I was amazed he’d actually pulled this off.

He switched from friendly to flirty REALLY fast once he realised that SC and I weren’t together, he asked for my phone number so that he could Whatsapp me photos of the current car that they’d all been laughing at and to be fair even with my limited knowledge I could see that it was going to take a LOT of work!

He’d spotted photos of me in a Halloween outfit on Facebook, which consisted of a red corset, long skirt slit at the thigh, stockings, heels, witches hat, red lipstick, curled hair, it’s a photo I love, even I who rarely thinks of myself as anything but fat think I look good in a corset. He immediately went to ‘oh you like to dress up’ I can’t deny it, I love a good party and I love an excuse to be in an outfit, so that again took the conversation to a whole new dimension.  

Then he mentioned boots, he apparently goes weak at the knees for boots, I’d had my boots on that day and then changed out of them, kinda wished I hadn’t! It was in the coming days and weeks that it all started to come out, he said he’d not told anyone before but that he had a big thing with shoes and boots, I soon realised that this wasn’t a lie he really does and for outfits and boobs, all of which I’m not short of!

The conversation went on for months, actually it wasn’t far off a year, he kept mentioning meeting up but was talking meeting up for sex and that’s not me, I wish it was but it’s not. We talked a bit about our dating but had very few serious conversations in that time, mostly shoes, outfits and how he saw himself as a bit of a Christian Grey (not sure I’d have a massive issue with that) sadly, however without the billionaire bit! One of the things I liked most about him was that he pushed the boundaries with his messages but never once in the whole time we've known each other over stepped them, this; I've found is a rarity. 

He did however offer to buy me numerous pairs of shoes, I declined. 

In December last year the messages dropped off, which I was fine with, it was obviously going nowhere but I had got used to talking to him fairly regularly. Then this year, in September I got a message from him, late night, he was obviously out but it wasn’t a beered up message, it was a ‘You’re up late’ I didn’t respond that night but did the next day, he said he was in Norfolk with his mates for their annual weekend away and that we should catch up the following day.

In that time I had a bit of a Facebook stalk (you know you all do it too!) early this year it had changed to ‘in a relationship with…………’ a very dull looking girl and although it’s very judgey of me I did think then that she probably wouldn’t tolerate his ‘thing’ with shoes, dress up etc and I imagine that the missionary position is on the menu a lot, in looks she is also a downgrade from his very pretty ex but downgrading seems to be a big thing, I’ve done it myself and despite all of my friends telling me that at the time it was only looking at photos after the event that brought it home, I had massively downgraded, sadly not only in looks but in personality too. Not only did I downgrade I fell head over heels with the bastard!

The Facebook stalk told me that his relationship status was no longer showing on there, it didn’t say single but it had gone, even more strangely that he was no longer Facebook friends with the GF, that I found incredibly strange and if I’m honest I was just a little bit excited about it.

We had a bit of a catch up on the Monday, I asked why he’d got in touch after so long, he said that he just thought he would say hi, the conversation started fairly general, work, cars, he’d moved to London, that he’d not seen SC or his brother recently, what I’d been up to, I said that I’d thought about him recently, he asked why.

I explained that I had bought new shoes, beautiful, new shoes, the kind that he would love, he said that he’s glad I remembered him in a nice way, I said that shoes and chickens (he kept chickens in his old house) occasionally made me think of him, he asked about the shoes, at no point had the GF been mentioned and I was hopeful there was a reason for that, he said that his mind had immediately gone into overtime, he then said ‘my other half will give me a slap’

Ah, so there it is, she IS still around. FUCK.

I responded with ‘Buy her some’ he ignored my comment totally, asking if my PVC outfit was ok still. I said that our conversation has been very sensible until shoes had been mentioned but yes, it was still in the wardrobe.

He said that he’d never turned up on my doorstep like he’d talked about, I mentioned that  I’d never given him my address and said that with him having a girlfriend the time had passed for us. He said he’d let me know next time he was in the area so we could meet up, I made a pretty firm stand at this and said that wasn’t on the cards, he changed his tune quickly saying he meant for a catch up, nothing else, I wasn’t terribly convinced, I don’t see him being a cheater but if he wasn’t bored with her I’m pretty confident that I’d not have heard from him.

I’m in London soon for a couple of nights, he’s asked for the dates and mentioned meeting up for a drink, he messaged me one morning last week telling me he was in Birmingham this week, I’m not sure what he expected me to say to that, I didn’t however offer to meet up.

If he was single again I don’t think I’d hesitate given the right circumstances but he isn’t, he’s also bought a place in London with her so I don’t see it ending anytime soon really, we never know what would have happened but I feel a little like this was an opportunity missed, maybe he does too?

Monday, 31 July 2017

Cake Destroyer Date.......

So, my last update was Thursday, pre dinner with the BF's ex, we had a lovely evening, despite sulking about it BF didn't come, the ex accidentally sent him a message meant for me that said she was trying to put him off coming, apparently that went down a storm.

We talked a lot about them and the situation, she still loves my BF and always has but says she loves her husband too, this is a concept I can't really grasp, I don't understand being in love with two people, hopefully I never will as it sounds very confusing.

We had such a laugh, even without alcohol, she messaged me later telling me that I was just what she needed, my friends can generally rely on me to put a bit of realism to what they are doing, she said that she was glad she hadn't cheated on her husband, I told her that I thought that what they were doing was just as bad, for me having an emotional relationship with someone can be a lot worse than a physical one, it's a lot harder to get in my head than it is to get in my bed (not that, that is easy, if it were there would be a lot more to report here!) just look at the Cunt Face saga, he's never got into my bed but boy has he done some stuff with my head.

Talking of Dear Cunt Face, he's been quiet, not really anything new, he'll go quiet, pop up send me a barrage of messages, boom, he's gone, crazy that I still respond really, I'm not sure why I do, if I were giving myself advice I would be telling myself I was nuts and to keep well away........ he know's I'm up there Thursday and said he is on training and will check the times, I don't expect to hear from him or to see him, however you know I'd like to.

I had a great weekend, I went to the Rugby on Saturday with the Space Cadet, it's funny really we get on so well and I love him to bits but we would never have worked out, I'm actually glad that we ditched it when we did and have become such good friends.

Anyway, I said I would bake for Space Cadet as he was a right grumpy arse on Friday about the fact he's working too much (I don't think he is really, he doesn't like working - who does? and just gives more reasons to moan) so I made the Carrot Cake that Cake Destroyer had talked about with the intention of taking it Sunday and a batch of Brownies, as well as a mini Carrot Cake for SC.

I had giggles over the Carrot Cake, from our first message CD and I have been talking cake, so he said he would swap me guns for cake, I had asked him what cake he wanted and he said a Carrot Cake with a Walnut Face and a Cherry on the top, so that is exactly what I made, I posted a photo on Facebook (not mentioning what it was for) and my friends all said that they thought it looked a bit sinister or like the Wicker Man, which I thought was even funnier, we'd had a bit of a joke about my slightly scary cake in our messages.

I thought about asking him on Friday if we were still meeting on Sunday (the cake would have got a good home elsewhere anyway so it was no bother) but I decided that it was no biggie either way so I didn't. We continued chatting with these long messages that run Tinder out of characters.

On Saturday evening I got a message asking if I was still up for meeting, so I said yes, I actually felt a little excited about it, I think because we'd exchanged so many proper messages. He told me that he had to be back in the base by 6 so would need to leave by 4:30/5:00 to make sure he was, I suggested meeting around 2 saying that a couple of hours should give us plenty of time, he agreed. Based on my last date which lasted a whole 40 minutes (max!) quite often less than an hour is enough.

He checked on Sunday where we were meeting and I suggested where I had met the Bumble guy a couple of months ago, about 40 minutes from home and in the middleish, he suggested we swap numbers to make it easier, which we did.

So, we met, he looked like him, although again I'd say he was a little better in the photos that he was in real life but at least this time I recognised him straight off, I think he'll look nicer without the squaddie hair cut that he has to have currently, however when he finishes his basic training it shouldn't need to be quite so short, he looks better with a bit more hair.

We met around 2, he was a few minutes late, but we didn't leave until 5 which meant that he was cutting it a bit fine to get back in time.

We weren't lacking in conversation, he wasn't brilliant at eye contact and had some weird facial movements with his nose going on (like a twitch kinda thing) however he may well have been nervous so I'm not going to write him off for that just yet.

We talked about all sorts, he wanted to know about Cunt Face (we'd done best date/worst date) and also about the deaf guy that looked nothing like his photos, he said that his worst date had been with someone that told him how many people liked her and that she was arrogant and his best had been with someone he'd clicked with, I did say that the Cunt Face thing was a long story but kept it to the gruesome details, he said that he found it hard to believe that people would do something like that and how wrong it was, I, of course agreed, I didn't mention that CF and I are still in touch, seemed pointless and it's not like we talk all of the time.

Our moral compasses appear to point in the same direction, he knows about BF and the Ex, and like me can't see how you can love two people at the same time, he was talking about a couple of the guys that are on training with him and how they cheat on their girlfriends all the time without thinking about it and he thinks that's wrong.

Interestingly his brother met his wife online so he does have a bit more hope than me about it, as he's seen it work, although apparently in his best mans speech his Mum told him not to mention how they met, like it was a bad thing, I (and he) thought that was a bit silly as it was obviously a good thing and worked.

We talked about his ex, from what he said she was quite like W@nk Bag, she turned him into a person he wasn't, it was easier not to go out and not get the crap for it etc, I remember when I was with him, if I talked to his mates he used to accuse me of flirting with them and if I didn't he used to call me a miserable bitch, to the point of me just not going out as it wasn't worth the hassle or the argument it would have caused. He said that she used to make him video his mates if he was out to make sure that they weren't out with girls etc, a bit crazy!

As we were leaving, I asked if he wanted his Wicker Man Carrot Cake, he was a little surprised I think that I'd actually made it (I did say) I think he was genuinely a little taken aback by it (in a nice way)

We had a nice time, no immediate chemistry but I'd see him again, I got a message from him just after he got back saying that he make it just on time, he'd had a lovely time spent in my company, the cake was a surprise and my baking skills were 'on point' he said later he'd have happily spent more time with me if he could have (we were together 3 hours which I think is pretty good for a first date) anyway he's on exercise now for a week, so I don't expect to hear from him, which is a shame really.

He seems nice and genuine but I'm sure I'd have said the same about CF just over a year ago by this time last year I knew but he didn't know I knew quite yet, I remember the devastation I felt (it has literally just made me go cold thinking about it) it makes me a little sad that I still feel enough a year on to have that reaction to even thinking about it, I honestly thought he would have disappeared to a distant memory by now, although maybe it's hard to make them a memory when you keep thinking of them and you can't quite put them in the ditch they deserve to be in?

I am getting better, I don't think about him all day, every day now but I don't think there is a day when he doesn't have a little wander through my head, I know it will go away at some point, I honestly do I just wish it would hurry up.

Anyway, another week is upon us!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Men are strange creatures...........................

The last time I wrote I was about to go on date 10, I did, we went to the cinema, it was nice, film was hilarious, he was as normal all over me from the minute we met, kissing me in the cinema, holding my hand, touching my leg, normal service.

Last week he went a bit quiet, I immediately assumed he had met someone else, we continued talking but it was different, although he mentioned a film that we should go and see.

I left an unanswered text for a couple of days and then responded on Sunday, he responded quickly as normal, he asked if I would like to go out the following Sunday, I said that I thought that if we were going to continue I thought that we would need to make some time for each other.

He responded saying that he'd got a lot going on etc, he wasn't ready for serious but he liked me and we had a good time together.

I responded saying I was fine with the not serious bit but that I wasn't willing to be messed about, I said that it was fine if he had met someone else but that wasn't part of the deal for me, he answered asking if we could still be mates, to which I responded that I didn't think it was a great idea and that he'd not answered my question.

Following a bit of pushing he admitted that he had gone for a drink with someone earlier in the week, I told him that I was disappointed with the fact that I thought he knew me better and would have been honest with me, a few more messages and the conversation was over.

I was quite upset after, not so much because it was over, as it wasn't something that I thought was going to last forever but I think that because he seemed a good person I had hoped that he would restore my faith in men a little bit and I have to say that I really needed that to happen.

I am ashamed to say that I spent most of the evening in real, horrible tears, the sort that come when you are annoyed with yourself, I'm annoyed that I didn't get to call it first, that I pushed him into it but I'm one of those people that needs things finalised and needs to put them to bed.

Monday morning was spent in the same vein, sobby, upset, I feel like I've failed again I think and you get used to having someone that messages you every day and takes an interest in you.

I have really tried to be more open to things, to give them a go even when I'm not completely sure, if I didn't I'd have probably not got past date two this time but I persevered, does that mean that I'm trying harder or that I'm coming more round to the idea of 'settling' that worried me but to be honest I don't think that I am.

Sunday night the guy from before xmas popped up, he does quite regularly, he was talking outfits again and I was in that mood so I ordered one!! It arrived yesterday, I'm not sure it will ever be worn, it highlighted that I need a diet and that those kind of outfits aren't made for boobs.

Monday I was chatting to Space Cadet and we decided to go for dinner, it was a good option, he cheered me up no end with his dodgy dating stories, he is still completely lovely, he is the sort of person that cheers you up just from being around him, he lifted my spirits and made me think that it's not me that's messed up this time.

When we were out he was talking about the friend that I'd met before Christmas, he thankfully has no idea that we talk but he was talking about him in general, I spoke to him by text that night, he was rather excited about the outfit prospect.

Tuesday I went out for dinner with another friend, from years ago, was nice to catch up.

Work has been crap this week, it's not boosting my spirits, thankfully though it's kept my mind off of thinking about things, probably just what I need.

To be fair after the whole six years ago thing I'm pretty sure that there isn't much that I can't get over much more easily than that, I would really like a break when it comes to men though, why can't I just meet someone that is genuine? Or are there none?

Talking of genuine I spoke to Baggage Boy yesterday, he is seeing a woman from Germany who has just left her husband with an 18 month old, he continues to be around and I continue to be grateful that it never went any further, I love him to bits as a friend but he is a complete douche bag!!

It came to mind the other day that parents who have son's in their 20's and 30's have done a pretty awful job of bringing them up and turning them into honest, trustworthy, gentlemen, where did they all go?

Oh Space Cadets brother continues to send me nude pics!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Life gets in the way................

Seems ages since I posted, it is ages since I posted.

The last post was about the boy that after date three decided that he wasn't ready for serious, despite him being the one that was driving things.

Well it's now January and we have continued to see each other, which seems surprising I guess, however when I responded to the text I pointed out that serious hadn't entered my head and as far as I was aware we were both at the early stages of getting to know each other, why do men always think that we are the one's that want to do the serious thing? While I don't want to get into something that I know is going nowhere, neither do I want to get serious with someone I'm not nuts about.

He said he liked me and enjoyed spending time with me, so we carried on with the cinema date as planned, he was normal, we went to the cinema and even through the film he had to keep touching and kissing me, not what I would say was the behaviour of someone that didn't want it to continue.

Have I been a fool? Maybe. We have now done 9 dates (it would have been more if it wasn't for me putting a bit of a halt on it)

We've done dinner, he's stayed over, more cinema etc and are going out again tonight.

I found out some interesting facts, like he's allergic to cats (we didn't know this until he had stayed over) he wasn't at all phased by it and went to the Dr to get medication which seems to have solved the problem. He is definitely more keen than I am, I don't know if that's because of the 'I'm not ready for serious' text or just because I'm not feeling it or he's not for me.

I'm rubbish with Christmas etc, it tends to give me a huge case of the blues and depression, this year has been no different for me, I've hardly seem anyone over the break so he's been put off too (although we didn't have anything arranged) I told him before Christmas that I wasn't doing presents for anyone as the car had gone wrong, which solved any issues there.

We've still spoken by text everyday, he still makes the first contact 99/100 times.

Things got a bit more complicated the Saturday before Christmas, the Space Cadet had arranged for us to go to the cinema to see a film that was on a limited release, there were five of us going, SC and I went for lunch and a catch up before picking up one of the others that was coming with us, we were then meeting the other two in Leicester.

I walked into the cafe and wished I'd made a bit of effort with the hair, make up and what I was wearing! One of SC's friends was quite nice!! We had a general chat before the film about what we did, where we lived, he also mentioned the GF had moved out  in general conversation with the others and then went our separate ways after, SC suggested I add the boys on FB as they are into cars and we'd been talking about a project that I wanted to look at, so I did.

A few hours later I got a message saying it was nice to meet me and he'd enjoyed the film, I should get SC to organise more things, I said that it would take a braver and more stupid woman than me to put up with SC, he then clocked my profile picture where I am dressed as a vampire and the outfit conversation started and continued for several days, until New Years Day actually, he's been a bit quieter since we went back to work, he thinks it would be a good idea if I were dressed in a PVC nurses outfit and he were to turn up at the door, I have honestly thought about this idea, in fact I'm still thinking on it, if I'm not ready for serious maybe it's the way forward? Although I'm not sure I could do that with a stranger, I've not even done it with someone I know, although maybe that makes it easier?

Evil Twin is back in the dog house but that seems to happen quite a lot, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised there, she's been as supportive as usual. I ran into 22 on Christmas Eve while out for a drink, as usual he came to talk to me, one the way home he was walking up (he lives round the corner now, really?!) with his best mate, he was asking what happened with his mate, I said nothing, he said his mate had said it was a lot more than that, he asked why him and not the mate, he asked if he could come back for tea, I said no, we text a bit that night, he asked if he could come round, I said no, don't get me wrong, it's not that I wasn't tempted I was but I don't want to be done over twice by the same person, we've continued to talk, including today.

I text ET saying I'd seen him and how alone I felt, she pretty much didn't bother with me over Christmas and New Year and didn't turn up when she was supposed to, sometimes I think friends just aren't worth the hassle they cause, it's not like it's the first time!

I had a friend point out a few days ago that I've never got over w@nk bag and to be fair it's probably true but how do you get over the only person that you have ever loved? I knew it wasn't sustainable, I knew we couldn't stay together and I knew we wouldn't get through life together, that doesn't mean I woke up one day not loving him any more, in all honesty I wish that had happened but it didn't, don't get me wrong if he turned up at my door tomorrow telling me he'd won the lottery and begging me to take him back I still wouldn't but that doesn't mean that somewhere in my heart I wonder if he was the only person I will ever be truly in love with.

Life is a funny old game, I don't know what else to say about it really!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

No interrogation!

It was all a bit too easy although Looby's decided that it was a bad idea after all as he's an emotional fuck up! (He was perfect for me until they fell out!)

All that's been mentioned is that he stayed at the cousins too and that I must have looked delightful the next morning as my hair had been out up within an inch of its life and I had makeup on all night, paying for that now as I have a spot.

I'm on Tinder!! It's amazing, totally shallow and based solely on if you like the look of the person, perfect ha?!

It's been a hard week, a friend of mine died racing, I'm still totally shaken by it, a great person who will be sorely missed.

Uniform gets home on Monday, looking forward to seeing him I think, I've decided if I've not got proper butterflies I'm going to call it friend zoned.

Space Cadet continues to be my personal hero!

Well, that's about it!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Getting warmer........

Life seems to have twists and turns at every step, after the terrible day that was Wednesday Thurday brought some time with a friend and Friday two more interviews, both minus the firing squad of  the previous two, one I wouldn't want, the other I think I'd enjoy but is a trek to work, something I'm not used to.

This morning brought a message from Uniform, can't say I wasn't pleased, I thought it would be 'out of sight, out of mind' he says it's been raining there, another thing I'm pleased about, anything that helps the not emigrating effort (even if we are to stay just friends!)

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

The rest of the day was spent with my lovely, tall, dark, handsome Space Cadet and his Mum at the Rugby! We had a great day, awesome score, fabulous company and we didn't get wet! His Mum is also lovely.

For anyone that thinks online dating I'd mad, I'd have never met him without it and although he's flakey at times when the chips are down he's always there to make a difference and make my world a little brighter with his prescence.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bad day!!!!

Oh what a terrible day, I spent all day yesterday preparing a presentation for an interview, it was the worst interview ever, I'm sure I still hadn't done enough or learnt what they wanted me to, companies these days seem to pretty much want someone doing exactly the same job for exactly the same industry and it's annoying, I really think I could bring a lot to the role but I won't get a chance.

My hero of the day is the one and only Space Cadet, I have been feeling rather down and emotional and sent him a message 'I'm in need of some Space Cadet love' immediately got a text back 'Us, Rugby, Saturday' and a phonecall, he still knows how to play it when I'm low, I needed it and I appreciated it, rugby date with him and his Mum!!

Uniform arrived in Oz, it keeps popping up on FB about emigrating!

I am in desperate need of a cuddle :-(

Monday, 14 April 2014

The weekend was gone in a flash...........

I worked on Saturday which on crutches and not well makes you fairly shattered, I'm not sure if it's the weather but I'm finding more men look better than usual and one's I'd not normally look it, spring has sprung maybe?

The Space Cadet came over to see me on Saturday, he's good company, funny, charismatic, cute and dull as dishwater, I don't think anything has changed, he's still on his phone constantly, so I'm pretty sure there is another phone relationship like we had, I think there are one or two all of the time.

The guy my boss keeps trying to fix me up with was there, he's too short, I'd have to live in flats which I don't think I'm up for.

Hotbike is my new friend on Facebook, it inspired a bit of an eeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk! He raced this weekend but a crash meant it didn't go particularly well. I don't think I've mentioned the 18 year old yet, he's not 18 anymore, he's 21 now, more about that one later on!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Oh what a few days........

It's been a busy few days here, the emails, texts and whatsapp messages have been flowing in and as per usual mostly not one's that would interest me.

Still hearing from the Space Cadet most days, I saw Uniform on Sunday, I'd been in the pub for the afternoon and not long before I was leaving he arrived, a comment had already been made in the afternoon by a friend but it was ignored, when he walked in one of the regulars asked if we'd fallen out as he didn't come straight up to me as usual and to be fair I did wonder if things were going to be awkward but as soon as he walked past he came and gave me a hug and joined us, he was driving so gave me a lift home but as usual that ended in 'have you eaten' and he made me dinner and a movie cuddled up on the sofa, it's weird, we are terribly comfortable together and I really enjoy spending time with him.

He's away with work for the week and has left me the keys so that I can have some baths this week bless him, the girlfriend is back Weds though and I'm really not totally sure how that will feel or be, we will see I guess.

Knight in Shining Leathers was also in the pub, when I mentioned him being dropped in it with the gf he just gave a big sigh and shrug, he's so much happier and more himself when she's not around, got a big hug and he gave me lots of abuse about the knee.

Yesterday was a bit of a day for me, I had a phone call yesterday asking if I'd do them a favour and pick something up for them, to which I said of course I would, it ended up that I had to meet one of the hottest men in motorsport to pick up his race kit, he is absolutely stunning and gorgeous and I've been waiting for quite literally months to meet him, I can honestly say I've had a huge smile on my face since I was asked to do it, helping out a friend made my day, I was told that I wasn't allowed to lock him in and keep him here but it was very tempting! His father is also one of the most famous men in motorsport, we'll call him Hotbike!!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Quiet Times......

It's been very quiet here, partly because I can't go far due to the knee which is driving me nuts as I can't really do anything!

Still on POF and getting lots of messages but again no one that I really want to pursue further at the moment.

Not heard from Uniform apart from a text message last week (just the one after a 'Happy Birthday') but that's not unusual.

I'm going out with the Space Cadet to the Rugby on Wednesday, he's still around after all of this time, he's coming to collect me as I still can't drive, he's very sweet and I'm looking forward to getting out.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Busy Times!

Well it's been busy but not really in the dating field! I took a huge leap on the job front and went for something that came with massive opportunity but also massive responsibility and a big change, the job is similarish to before but the industry is entirely different to anything I've ever done but a bit of a dream for a petrol head like me!

The dating fronts been quiet, I've really not done anything to push it and you can probably see from my last post, I keep getting messages from Artboy and Intel but I really don't think I want to go down either of those avenues, Car Salesman has fallen off the planet and the Space Cadet is, as ever in daily contact!

I don't want to tempt fate but I did, however meet someone a few weeks ago, he's not from a dating site, he lives in the village but isn't from the village and was introduced to me by a friend, the thing is, when we go to Messy Sunday we always read our star signs in the Sunday magazine (we were born on the same day!) it said that a friend was going to introduce you to someone significant, we joked about it, she said she didn't know anyone decent enough (fairly normal in the village!)

A little while later her and one of the boys that is a Messy Sunday regular with us, introduced me to one of the guys they play Poker with, nice but not really my type and neither me or the Evil Twin were either drinking or out for long (I know very unusual and I'll make sure it doesn't happen too often!) We played a couple of games of skittles and then went home.

The next time I saw him was at a charity night a week or so ago, we were talking and he was saying he'd just moved, it turns out he's literally opposite my place! Now Evil Twin normally walks me part of the way home but decided that he was responsible enough for the job, so he walked me up but I left him at the corner of his and said goodnight.

We were all out again on Sunday and Evil Twin and Mr Modest (ha, hardly!) lamed out about 10 and went home but I was determined that being my first Messy Sunday for ages there was no way I was leaving before closing, so he (I think we'll go for Blue Eyes for him for now) stayed out with me and we continued drinking and talking, as we walked home we were having a discussion about why we were both single and I was telling him how I didn't want to settle for second best or spend my life with someone but not being really happy, he said it was the same for him.

When we got to the corner where his is he said he couldn't work out where I lived (which is easy done from where he is to be fair) so I showed him and he came in and we continued drinking and talking, until that was that he kissed me, which pretty much continued for the rest of the evening, well until about 7 AM to be honest when I decided it was time for him to go home so that I could at least try to get a couple of hours sleep in before starting work at 10! He said he was going to phone in sick which I thought was a little lame!

It was a really nice night, he's a pretty good kisser and the only reason I put it off going any further was that I actually do like him and I'd hate to make the whole friend thing become awkward if it goes wrong or only turned out to be a one nighter it could make the Messy Sunday Awesome Foursome all a bit awkward!

Talking to Evil Twin last night, she was really happy about it, she can't help but sing his praises, whether for one or both of us it was just the drink talking I don't know but I had a HUGE smile on my face all day Monday and a fair bit of the old Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk, for anyone that know's the Space Cadet story when I feel Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky it normally leads to disappointment because it never works out. Evil Twin said I looked like the cat that had got the cream last night, so now it's time to get ready to come back down to earth and I'm very much hoping it's not awkward at the weekend! :-(

For the 'records' he's about 6' tall, dark, curly hair, very lovely Blue Eyes (hence the name!) and is really not my type at all.............., oh and he's also a smoker which is on my never again list!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cinema with the Space Cadet

Friday brought cinema with the Space Cadet to see the Inbetweeners movie, it was awesome, he smelled absolutely gorgeous which I found very distracting with my huge passion for all things smelling nice.

He had text me in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go for dinner first but I had already eaten so I declined, saying we would do that some other time.

We went for a drink after the cinema and he was his usual charming self, he's lovely, he really is, a hug and kiss goodbye and neither of us turned which meant a kiss goodbye on the mouth.....

I have warned him that I will not be responsible for my actions if he smells that good when he's out with me again and I'm not sure if he realised i mean it!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Squaddie Update

Well apparantly a bit of mocking didn't work for the Squaddie, he thinks that's for friends not partners (despite the fact that he's been sending mocking by text for the last three months!) so that ship has sailed, I'm not sure if it would have been as friends or anything else but I would have actually gone out with him again, I was feeling a little upset about it at the time but I'm not sure if that's because it's the first time I've not been asked on date two and I'm feeling a little sore about it, he still wants to be friends, we'll see eh?!

I spent the afternoon with the Space Cadet and for all the wrong with the dating etc he never fails to put the smile back on my face, we only met in Starbucks for a cup of tea and cake but as ever totally lost track of time, he is truely lovely, is there a little bit of me that likes him as more than just a friend? Possibly.

Video Boy has been back in touch, asking if it's too late to try another date, to which I said no, we are going out on Thursday.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Squaddie Date

Well the nerves set in on Thursday as I arrived in the guardroom and called him to tell him I was there, I was actually in the wrong place so it took him about 15 mins to find me which did nothing to help my nerves to be honest!

When I rang he'd just got out of the shower and he wasn't exactly what I was expecting when he turned up to meet me in shorts, rugby top and sporting a ginger beard! (If you remember I don't do hairy men anyway but ginger?!)

As he was booking me in they asked if I'd been there before to which I said no, he was saying what if you'd brought a girl home and when they ask that she says yes? Well as they took my photo a guy came to book a girl in and as they asked her the question I burst into giggles, my photo said it all really, lots of chuckles!

It was all very laid back, a bit like it is on the texts/e-mails really, we had lots to talk about, a fair bit in common and we actually got on really well.

He told me I looked really nice before we went out, the meal was fantastic, being vegetarian mean's it's normally a bit crap but not this time, he drove so I could have a glass of wine but due to needing to be up in the morning we left pretty early and went to Tesco to get some sandwiches for the Friday and some more drinks, we were both a bit dressed up for Tesco to be honest, including killer heels! (Me, not him I must add!)

We didn't stop talking really but then we are both the kind of people that will talk to anyone, so I'm not sure if it was liking eachother or just that?!

We went back and watched some TV over some more wine, we decided we should go to bed as we had a 5.00 AM start, so he got the sofa bed out and I got changed before both getting ready for bed.
Once we were in bed (well me in bed and him on sofa bed) we both decided we weren't ready to sleep so put the film back on, which we watched until we both fell to sleep.

Up at 5.00 we got ready and headed out to the track day, he got there first as he was on a bike and my sat nav got me lost, he went straight to say hello to my friend who was working there, which I have to say I was really impressed with and if you'd known my ex you would understand, he required constant baby sitting and wouldn't really talk to my friends, I got a text before I got there saying 'Ginger beard, really? and I have to say I knew what she meant, he's not my type at all, he's chubbier than I'd normally go for, he's not pretty like I like them but all I can say is there is something about him that I quite like.

He was in a garage with his friend that was there and I spent my time flitting between my friends that were working there, talking to the customers and staff and him, it was really nice that he didn't feel the need to be in eachothers pockets all day and he was happy to come and talk to my friends, we got him some free tuition too which was good and he was chuffed to bits that he got his knee down, I got some cracking photo's of the day too, so all was good really.

My friend had told the owner of the company that I was on a date with the guy I'd booked on, so he asked me first thing, with Squaddie standing there, it's lucky he could take it I think! I told him to bugger off and when he said he'd ask Squaddie I told him it would be the last work he'd get out of me if he did so he shut up lol!

He gave me a hug goodbye at the end of the day and we both said we'd had a lovely time.

Have heard from him since, just general chat, track days, photo's etc, my friend that introduced us asked him how it went so he told me to tell her to stop fishing lol!

Feeling a little mixed up about it today, I seem to be surrounded by men that would like to go out with me but any that I actually like don't seem to feel the same, how do I do it? I should have expected it, I had the 'eeeeeekkkkkkk' feeling in the week, the same as I'd had before meeting the Space Cadet, so I knew it would either be good or bad just like it was with him, I'm sure if you gave me a room full of men I would only like those that didn't like me!

Why am I so rubbish with the males of the species?!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Messy, Messy, Messy!!!

As I said in my last entry I think my world could start to get messy in the near future, so I thought I'd best give you the full story........

Normally as you know I am a one date wonder, currently we have two dates that are going to date two stage (one this evening) which probably sounds like a good thing?!

Now until earlier in the year and the Space Cadet incident where I found out he was dating (or non dating in his case) other people I was under the impression that if you were dating someone you should just date them until you worked out whether it was going to go further or not, this incident changed my opinion to dating several people is ok as long as it's not serious, so this is what I've been doing.

On Tuesday I got an email on POF saying 'I knew I recognised that face' it took about an hour for me to place him as someone who we had our mobile phone contract with in the old company, I remember meeting him for the first and subsequent times and thinking how fit he was but it was obviously a bit unprofessional to do anything about it (especially as I gave his company the business and one of the reasons possibly was because he was fit!) We always used to have debates about whether he was gay or not because of the way he talked about his 'business partner' he is definately not gay!

Anyway a conversation on POF and then swapped numbers, heard a fair bit from him Wed but not much yesterday, he is one I would definately like to hear more from, I'm not sure telling him we thought he was gay was a good idea to be honest!

I had an email from Squaddie yesterday asking if I'd like to stay at his next Thursday as we are going to a track day together next Friday and his is nearer, he said that I can have his bed and he will have the sofa bed and that he'll take me for dinner, so we have a first date on Thursday, I'm a little nervous about staying over to be honest!

GP is in daily contact and I was supposed to meet him for a drink this afternoon, however I cancelled due to being shattered and the fact that I'm going out tonight, we are going to meet up a week Monday.

Now we have a night out in the home town tomorrow, with not one but three exes attending (including the one I slept with last year and the Salesman who is always asking me out!)

Can you see why I think life is going to get messy?! Oh deary me!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dodo Hunter Date

Well no sooner had I done the last update than Dodo Hunter asked me if I'd like to go out on a date the following evening, to which I said yes, he said he'd never spoken to anyone on the phone from internet dating so I asked him what made him ring me, he said he didn't know!

He did moan that I wouldn't let him take me for dinner but I don't really do dinner on first dates, I don't like eating in front of strangers and I don't like to feel that I can't escape, which I explained, he also told me about his last date who took him to an Ann Summers shop and expected him to pay for what she had chosen, apparantly a friend had an emergency and he had to go rather quickly!

I told him I was a one date wonder and he asked why, I told him that I just didn't have the 'I'd like to see you again' thing with them so hadn't bothered to take it any further, he said he was sure that I'd want to go on a second date with him, I like a little bit of cocky without the arrogance.

We met up on Friday evening, I have to say he's a bit shorter than I'd choose at 5'10 he's really at the bottom of the scale, he wasn't bad looking but nothing amazing, however we had a really nice evening, a fair bit in common and had quite a few laughs, we were the last to leave the pub and he text to make sure I'd got home ok, he also sent a rather sweet message saying what a nice time he'd had and how comfortable he'd felt with me, he said that the challenge of getting a second date with me being a one date wonder would only be a bonus to the date.

Have heard from him since, both days so far.

Have a date with Intel tomorrow if I get home in time and am still alive, I've had a really busy (but lovely) weekend with friends and I'm shattered!

I am still getting daily texts from Space Cadet, Squaddie, Software Boy and very regular e-mails from GP who is at the Hungary GP this weekend, so all is busy on the dating front!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday General Stuff

Wow it's been a busy week here!

I did go to see the Space Cadet last Thursday and we had a nice chilled out evening as ever (including kitten!) Usual set up, tea, laugher, tv, leaving his at 2 AM.

Have (obviously) had lots of texts since but he is doing my head in with all the rubbish he talks, the latest is a girl that is an old friend but has also been an ex and someone he used to mess around with, if people are going to lie why don't they remember what they are lying about?!

Squaddie got dumped on Sunday (his date two) quite spectacularly I might add and I have to say I was really pleased about it! I've tailed off on the texting this week as I don't really want to be anyone's second choice as it's not like I saw him and was wowed by him, he was just nice, I still stand by the fact that I think he's a bit of a womaniser and that's probably not something I want to get into!

On Tuesday I met up with another blast from the past, we'll call him Smiler, I went out with him when I was 18 and he was married (before you think badly of me I didn't know this at the time as he wasn't wearing his ring and didn't tell me) we were seeing eachother for a year when he showed up on my doorstep with his bags saying he'd left his wife, to be honest that was never really on the horizon and we'd not spoken about it so it was a bit of a shock, it wasn't the best of times and we split up about 6 months later.

We got in touch again on Facebook about 2 years or so ago, we both had partners but he wasnted to meet up, I said I didn't think it was appropriate as I was with W@nk bag and I didn't feel that it was fair, had I known then what I do now I wouldn't have hesitated! Anyway, we have tried to meet up a couple of times but I always end up running out of time but on Tuesday he was in my village to watch a football game so I went up, was nice to see him, he hasn't changed much, older but that's about it, he still has a girlfriend so we weren't meeting up as a date.

He texted me after to say I was looking great (all of these compliments from people from the past are lovely aren't they?!)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fickle Men!

Sorry it's been a while since the last update, there has been a lot going on in my little world!

Redundancy is hard work, job hunting, partying and generally enjoying myself!

Not been up to much on the dating front, lots of e-mails and texts but no real dates.

I did have a bit of an awkward one on Sunday though, I went to Oulton Park to see the British Super Bikes with the Space Cadet, the only thing was Squaddie was also going, so really it was mad not to try and meet up when we were both in the same place at the same time.

Now as you well know the Space Cadet and I are just friends these days (still a sore point if I'm being honest!) so I said that yes I would meet up with Squaddie to say Hello, I explained to the Space Cadet that a friend was trying to fix us up and that it would be good to meet him to save wasting a date if we didn't like eachother, he spent the day trying to steer me away from the area that Squaddie was in until I decided enough was enough and said I wanted to go and meet him.

Squaddie came and found us and he's ok, ok looking, actually speaks (a nice change sometimes!) we spent about an hour and a half with him which I have to say was awkward, Space Cadet was quiet to say the least!

I don't get it with him, he doesn't want me, I'm just not sure he wants anyone else to either!

Anyway, he came back for tea and it took ages for him to go home (I had an early start for an interview the next morning and was knackered!)

I had a text from Squaddie, saying he'dbeen pleasantly surprised by me and that I was nicer and younger looking than in my photo's and said about taking me on a date, which surprised me as I'd been soaked through to the skin at Oulton, hair a mess, three layers and a waterproof, to be honest I don't know why anyone would want to date me!

I also had a text from the Space Cadet asking if I would like some chill time together in the week (did he get the idea?!)

Anyway, lots of texting with both guys, Squaddie asked me out again but was due to go on a date so I said I thought we should wait until after, however the date didn't happen so he went out on the town with the boys and he met someone, so the date won't be happening now, after all that and awkward Sunday, why are men so fickle? They drive me nuts! He's been asking me out for ages (but would I be so interested if he was still chasing? What is my problem?!)

The Space Cadet text on Tuesday asking me if I was free on Thurs or Fri and I said I was on Thurs so I'm supposed to be going over tomorrow night for tea (cups of) and a DVD, I really think I need to be removing myself from the situation but I'm finding it really hard, I do without a doubt really like him, however I think if I were to go out with him I'd find him a total bore, he does nothing much apart from play Cricket, watch sport on TV and work in a fairly low paid job, is that really what I want to get into again?

I'm really pissed off at myself today, I wish I'd not dragged him over so I could meet him on Sunday and I wish I didn't always choose the wrong men!