Thursday, 26 May 2011


Well the week hasn't improved job wise, the consultation was a total farce but anywhere we're here for dating!

Musicman is becoming a bit of a regular with daily text messages, he has mentioned meeting up a couple of times but we haven't arranged anything yet, he sounds quite nice to be honest, we will see.

Mr Awesomeness hasn't been in touch for a couple of days so not sure what's going on there, maybe the date won't happen after all?! Mr Awesomeness know's about this blog but I haven't told him where to find it!

Shyboy has moved onto texting but he actually does seem quite shy, I'm not sure I'd be very good with shy.

Mr Spaniel has gone quiet after Sunday when I told him to get in touch if he fancied meeting up at some point, I don't want to spend ages e-mailing and texting someone again if there isn't anything there, been there, done that, got bored.

A few more coming up on e-mail, mainly one's that I'd have no interest in, if any take my interest they will appear here in the near future.

I'm planning on a messy weekend, with a band tomorrow, football presentation night tomorrow and a band on Sunday, hopefully there will be something to report from that lot?!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The week from hell

I went back to work on Monday after being off with a chest infection, I was there less than 10 minutes and that included being told I was going into redundancy consultation, oh the joy, I had to go back to the Dr on Tues and she signed me off until tomorrow with another lot of antibiotics to boot, I have been feeling rather ropey all week but I think it's starting to ease.

My redundancy consultation starts tomorrow, now there's something to look forward to eh?

The dating front has been slow but POF is throwing e-mails at me like e-mail is going out of fashion! I've been inundated and asked on some dates too, I'll have to add them all to here in the coming days, I haven't said yes to any yet as I'm waiting to see what happens tomorrow.

Friday I went on a mission to drown my sorrows, I NEVER fail when I'm on a mission and it was so bad that I was still hungover yesterday, not a good sign, horse riding with a hangover is not a good plan and the pocket rocket that is Max nearly had me off, luckily I am still in one piece!

Friday night I had the guy that keeps offering me the holiday to Dubai asking if I'd go, I can't imagine that I'll do it because I'm too well behaved generally but it seems such a shame to turn it down, I could do with a holiday more than ever at the moment.

We were all supposed to be coming back here on Friday after closing however we lost two on the way as they were going to join us and it ended up being me and two of the lads, one has been here before and is a difficult one, he does have a girlfriend but is also very fit and a little bit of a charmer, the other is someone I don't know that well but see regularly, anyway we all came back for drinks and I turned the first one down when he wanted more as I told him I didn't want to play the other woman and actually I want to wake up with someone in the morning and not have the guilt, he left with the hump (or not as may have been the problem!)

The other one went to the toilet and didn't come back, I found him asleep in my bed! I eventually went to bed (in night clothes) and made it quite clear that he was only sleeping and nothing else, he did try a couple of times but got no where, he left for work in the morning.

I have been talking to a guy on POF for some time now (not in the frequency of the Space Cadet or anywhere near) but we have now decided that it's time for a date, he says he's going to Wow me with his Awesomeness, I said I'd like this but it's not happened so far, we will see, a if it happens and b if he is able to wow me, I'd really like him to if I'm honest, I'm not sure as yet what I'm going to call him.

I also have a couple of others e-mailing regularly, we will see what happens there.

Mr Spaniel is someone from POF that I have recently added to Facebook, if I'm honest I only looked at his profile because he has a gorgeous puppy on his picture but he seems nice and normal, we've talked a couple of times on Facebook chat but I hate the fact that it keeps logging me off so we have exchanged numbers and done a bit of texting, it doesn't feel a little one sided at times but then it totally changes, I am a little worried about getting into the same situation as I did with the Space Cadet (yep still in touch daily) and it be lots of messages and no anything else, I don't want to do this again and get involved in something that's not happening, I'm rather tempted to just ask if we're going to meet up and then delete him if not, is that bad?

There is another one now texting me from POF who I think we'll call Musicman (you can probably guess a little of what he does from that?!) Nearly 32, nice looking and another bloody Leo, why do I keep going for Leo's when I know that it never works out with them? My ex is a Leo, Space Cadet is a Leo, Video Boy is a Leo...........

Flowers Boy was due to take me out to dinner this week but to be honest I felt a bit guilty, he wasn't just intending on dinner but Michelin starred dinner and I'm just not sure I can accept, lovely as it would be, I cancelled (again I know) due to the issues at work.

I'm not sure when I should change my dating profile to 'jobless bum' can't see that pulling many decent men can you?!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Do you regret what you do? Or regret what you've not done?

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately if I'm honest is whether I should regret what I have done or risk regretting what I haven't? I think sometimes I'm held back from doing things because of what people might think.

For example Quote Me Happy, now I've been thinking about asking if he fancies a drink away from the village, dinner was talked about earlier in the year but as part of bet that we couldn't agree who'd won (I did but he says he did!) the bet was whoever lost paid for dinner, he said that he didn't lose but would happily buy me dinner, I turned this down on the basis that I had won and wasn't going to accept that he had!

I got his quote in the week, it's by no means cheap but around the price I was told by someone else a while ago, so I need to think about that one as it's still a fair amount of money.

Anyway back to the story, I've been debating this for some time (well since he stayed here to be honest) but what if he says no? It's a smallish village so I would inevitably bump into him which could be embarassing, also if he was interested would he have not done it? I hear these things are changing, are they really? Is this supposed to be my job too now?

So do I ask and regret when he says no or regret not asking and never know? Hmmmmm, ponder, ponder, ponder!!

The Salesman is still in touch, as is Art Boy and I've been asked out several times on POF this week, will I go? Who know's eh?!

The Space Cadet continues to be in touch daily, what else would we expect eh? It isn't as much as it was originally, we are however going to see the Superbikes together in july which I'm really looking forward too, I also get to see one of the riders that I'm dying to see! He's asked why I'm not going to his flat warming and suggested I stay there for the night but I don't think it's a good idea (although maybe I should go and cop off with a couple of his cricket mates?! That'll learn him! lol!)

I got taken out to lunch today by someone who doesn't appear here yet, I must write him a blog entry, it was a nice lunch, he's married and for that reason alone i'm not interested but there are many more too if I'm honest, the lunch was just as friends and it was very pleasant.

I have been accused of being too friendly with yet another of the village men that has an other half, my friend was telling me about it today, all the poor bloke did was put his arm around me at the jukebox and his other half and I are quite friendly but it turns out that the other half also has a crush on Quote Me Happy which I find odd as she's been the one that keeps trying to fix us up, nowt as queer as folk I think is the relevant saying!

My friend was telling me how she tried to explain that about 95% of the men in the village wouldn't meet my expectations anyway and that this would mean that they wouldn't stand a chance, this again got me thinking, maybe I am too picky? I wouldn't even look at someone that wasn't at least 5'10 but actually I prefer 6' or above, I do like the lookers (I don't know how my ex happened I really don't!) I wouldn't date a smoker again and to be fair I could go on with this list for many blogs and years to come, should I lower my expectations in order to find someone?

I have also been thinking today that I am not sure I'd be ready to change my life to have someone in it, I still want to go out and get drunk with my friends at a moments notice and have no one moaning about it, if I want to spend the day in bed no one cares, if I want to go out for the day I have no one to answer to and I like that, saying that I spent the night in tonight and would have quite liked to have spent it cuddled up to someone on the sofa, maybe I just need to hire an escort for nights in?! Hmmmmm, lots to think on.......

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Weekend

Well it's been a bit quiet to be honest, I've got a rather nasty chest infection and it's making me feel pretty dire and to be fair I look like I've not slept for weeks (and to be honest I haven't really!) I finally gave in and went to the Dr's on Friday when I decided that it felt too bad to be the cold I thought it was, a dose of antibiotics and a note for a week off work which my boss is less than impressed about and that sealed that one.

I managed to get out in the sun for a bit on Friday which was nice, through the coughs and barking! The weekend was a bit quiet really, not a lot to report, the dating sites are still pumping e-mails through at an alarming rate. Have been asked on another date by one again today, don't know where they are all coming from.

Quote Me Happy popped in on Thursday to measure up for this job, I haven't got the quote yet, I think we are both a bit more shy when alcohol hasn't played a part! I also saw him out yesterday but not really to speak to, met a couple of new people in the village and played a rather interesting game of girls V boys pool, apparantly boys aren't that good at pool with two women doing all they can to distract them, we won - obviously!

The messages came again from The Salesman, who has now added me on Facebook and then text me to tell me he'd been looking through my photo's and that I looked great and still had my 'lush smile' which I thought was rather sweet, he still wants to meet up, I'm still not sure! He sent me a photo through and he still looks a lot like he used to but at the end of the day he still slept with my friend, even though that was a long time a go, I don't think i'm the sort of girl to forgive and forget!

Art Boy also text today and a couple of times over the last week, not sure on that one, the messages seem to turn a bit dirty fairly quickly and I'm not really into that if I'm honest so I'm not convinced it's going anywhere.

We couldn't have an update without a mention of the Space Cadet could we? He is still getting in contact every day but I am taking longer and longer to respond and he seems to be catching onto this now, which is probably a good thing, contact is definately decreasing, I did find it a bit odd last week when I got an invite to the housewarming and Beer Fest for his new flatmate, I really did find this odd, he really is an odd one that boy, funny isn't it, months of e-mails and texting, many non-dates and I still don't understand the bloody boy!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Quote Me Happy! ;-)

Wow, it's been a busy few days and not really what I was planning at all, I was going out Sunday evening for a few drinks and to watch a band outside in the garden at my local, I went up in shorts and a strappy top, no makeup and my hair had dried naturally which generally means it's somewhere between curly and straight and rather unruly, also I wasn't wearing matching underwear - something that you'll see the importance of later!

After about an hour the weather had turned quite cold so one of the guys brought me home to change, a quick change into jeans, top and a cardi and I was back out, anyway the afternoon passed in the normal raucous fashion, including rugby tackling the manager of our football team when she tried to take my phone off of me to stop me texting the Space Cadet!

Anywhere a fair bit of alcohol and shots had gone down and 6 of us decided to go to the pub for a few, we carried on in the pub and bumped into my knight in shining leathers, spoke to him briefly and hijacked his juke box session, we then went to the indian, we sat down and Quote Me Happy walked in, he's the carpenter that is supposed to be giving me a quote for a job I want done, a couple of people I was with gave him a bit of grief about the lack of quote and he came and joined us for dinner, sitting next to me.

We ate dinner and joked around, I asked if I wanted an S and M dungeon would it make getting my quote any quicker, he said it would and I said that's what it was then (When I first spoke to him about the quote he asked if I really wanted a dungeon and was just trying to cover it up)

One of the people I was out with had already decided earlier in the yeat that we would be good together and had pointed this out on a Saturday evening, she decided it was time to do this again and proceeded to tell him this, when it was time to leave I was keen to avoid Photofetish who quite frankly gets right on my nerves, he'd been out with us on Friday and you just can't escape him and his utter bullshit (which I did point out a few times!) so my half of the table waited until he and a couple of others had gone with the intention of coming back here for some more shots and drinks.

I left the Indian with my friends that are a couple and Quote Me Happy, who went to walk back to his, Karen (who has it in her head that we should get to know eachother better) however was having none of this and summoned him back to mine, which after a little protest about work in the morning he did.

The couple didn't stay for too long (should I have been surprised at this?!) He however didn't make an attempt to leave when they did and we carried on talking, it was obviously going in the direction of something happening, we were however both knackered (he had also been out early afternoon but I'd not seen him to speak to, he'd obviously seen me as he mentioned the quick change I'd done!)

He had been sat stroking my leg with his hand up my jean leg and then asked me over for a cuddle, well he's 6'6 so that's not the easiest thing in the world to do, I suggested if he wanted to sleep he came to bed and promised that I wouldn't pounce on him, he said he liked the sound of the first one but wasn't so keen on the second!

He was well behaved and by the time I'd been in the bathroom, he was in bed - with his jeans on, he asked if he was allowed to go down to boxers which i said was fine.

Well the nothing happening lasted all of five minutes and to be honest it was all lovely, he was lovely and cuddly and it was a great night and morning! I didn't even mind being woken by his very early alarm for work - well I can think of worse things to be woken up to! :-) I did ask if my quote had moved up the list and was told that indeed it had!

We exchanged a couple of messages during the day, mainly about the fact that I'd found money in the bed from where he'd taken his jeans off and that he would sort my quote for me, we will see if it stays as a one off, either way a very good evening was had, not much sleep but a huge grin on my face which was much needed for what comes next............

Monday was Space Cadet film evening and to be honest after no sleep, a little bit of a hangover and the facebook incident on Saturday I wasn't looking forward to it, I very much wanted to not go but as he'd booked the tickets I thought I had better, he knew I'd had a bit of an evening (but obviously not about Quote Me Happy) and that the last of the people that had come back here had left at about 7 (this fact is also perfectly true!)

He'd text me in the day asking if I fancied going over about 5 and going for dinner and then the cinema was booked for 9, I said that was fine but did pull his leg a bit about that being his definition of a date, I don't think after the last few weeks he always know's how to take me to be honest! I had a discussion with my friend about whether to make an effort or just to go as I was and it was decided that making an effort was the way to go, at least show him what he's missing!

So hair done, full make up, and clothes that looked nice but you could get away with both for dinner and cinema without looking like i'd make too much effort and away I went, we had dinner out, conversation as ever flowed and the film was as expected awesome, we had another nice evening which ended with the normal kiss goodbye, as ever I had a text by the time I got home and have had more today.

All I can say is that I'm very glad one of them at least still wants to get in my knickers (even when they don't match, which they always have for him!) because to be honest I was starting to wonder exactly what's wrong with me, a man invites me for a bottle of wine and then sleeps in the spare room while I sleep in his bed and have to listen to his neighbours sh*gging, what the fuck?!

Thank you Quote Me Happy for making me think maybe I'm not a complete freak!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

So much to catch up on............

I've been meaning to catch up on here for about a week now, so there is a lot to put in here.

On Sunday last week I went out with the intention of having a couple of drinks in the sun, the weather was great as was the atmosphere and the drinks flowed, meaning that a couple of drinks didn't really happen and turned into a lot of drinks!

I decided it was time to tell the Space Cadet that I needed a bit of a break from texting etc, my head just can't cope with it, we were due a cinema visit to see a film that we both want to see, so I said after that I wanted a bit of a break as I don't want to get involved in somethng that's not happening, he said basically that he finds it hard to free up time for someone with work etc, etc and I said that I think if you wanted to you would, he responded saying that he can't wriggle out of work and summer Saturdays are taken up with Cricket when he's not working and maybe we should give it a shot as friends.

I said I was fine with that as long as I know where I stand but in fact I don't think I am, I don't really want to be his friend and didn't go on a dating site to make friends, also I wish I was more sober at the time to be able to ask why you would be on a dating site if you didn't have time for dating, maybe drinking didn't help on this occasion.

The texting has dropped off a little but is still happening everyday, today I am rather annoyed with him, after seeing his facebook last night but also annoyed with myself because I have no right to be annoyed with him, he has text me this morning but I've not yet replied and I'm not sure that I should at the moment, I'm well known for not being able to hold my tongue but I'm trying really hard to, I really don't want to bite his head off, however I'm going out shortly, will I be able to keep it in once I've been drinking?!

We are supposedly going to the cinema tomorrow, I still half expect it to be cancelled but apparantly he has booked the tickets, I cancelled a date with Video Boy (I'll have to go into that one later) to go with him, that I am currently regretting as at the moment I don't want to have to text him let alone have to be in his company! Maybe it's my turn to feign sickness?

There has been another flurry on POF, including one that may be a possibility for meeting, has been e-mailing for a couple of days and texting yesterday, he's not really tall enough for me at 5'9 and lives with his mum but he's nice looking and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be sleeping giving up his bed to sleep in the spare room, that alone at the moment has to be promising?! I think for now he will be Art Boy.

Video Boy has come on the scene again and asked if I'd like to try again at a first or third date, I have said yes (well with going for friends with Space Cadet if nothing else I need to take my mind off of it and he's nice enough)

Mr F1 has again asked if I'd like to go out, I've said maybe when he gets back from holiday which buys me a few weeks and Salesman has been been bobbing around as ever.

More soon and probably after tomorrow when I report nothing more than a friendly trip to the cinema, with my new found 'mate'

I can honestly say I'm not loving this dating malarky at the moment, why can't you just meet people in the old fashioned way like we used to?