Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What I'm looking for...........

6 Foot Tall (however 6'2 is the ideal height)
Dark Hair
Blue Eyes
Good sense of humour
Can get on with my friends
Clean Shaven
Physically fit
Beautiful shoulders
No tatoo's
Never been married
No Children (If I'm going to have to spend my weekends looking after children I want them to be mine not someone elses)
Non Smoker (Vital)
Likes animals
Doesn't need need babysitting when we're out
Affectionate but not into PDA's

All quiet on the home front........

It's all a bit quiet at the moment, the Dodo Hunter is busy throwing strops because I was busy again at the weekend (when he asked me to do something at the last minute!)

A new guy has contacted me from one of the dating sites, I'll not go into it too much unless I'm going to meet him, there is also another guy, really fit but went onto sex within a couple of messages, however when I said it wasn't going to be that easy he was very nice and said he would still like to see me, whether it happens or not who's to tell?

I'm at the point where I think I'd quite like someone in my life, I think however though that this is down to the fact that the weathers changing and winters setting in so I want someone to snuggle up to and keep me warm, probably not the best reason in the world but it's my reason!

Hmmmm, not much else to report.........

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Speed Dating

I was sat thinking that I had nothing to put here but I forgot Speed Dating (well the called it Slow Dating as you got four minutes but it's the same thing!)

So we went with the dress code and I wore a pair of nice jeans and a nice top with a pair of sandals, hair done, make up done and looking fairly decent, both my friend and I were feeling a bit nervous but off we went, when we got to the venue it was locked up and the organisers were telling us there may be a venue change as they were unable to get in, so we were then traipsed through the town where I spent 23 years of my life, looking probably like we were going Speed Dating!

I have to say that the standard of men was particularly low, not the young professionals that they advertise, I think there were only three that were taller than me, one was a language student only here for a month, several students, a couple of bin men, that's pretty much the calibre and even then they weren't what I'd call 'fit' four minutes with some seemed like ages, it's lucky that I can talk to pretty much anyone.

I won't be going again and I thought the company were pretty unprofessional, with the moving around and taking us to a venue that was a bit like being back at school, not very inspiring at all.