Monday, 26 January 2015

The Medium

In September I went to see a Medium, I'd always wanted to but had always been a bit nervous about it, I made the appointment and went over on a Thursday evening.

I didn't really know what to think or what to believe, he started talking about a woman and that she was saying there was three of something but that I was the special one, I am one of three children and was my Nan's only Grandchild for 18 years so I could see something in that, he kept saying that someone was pushing her forward which he didn't understand and neither did I, until he mentioned big bikes and engine noise, I immediately burst into tears, my friend died racing in June and everything he described was him, he even described the funeral to a t, I was totally shell shocked, I've thought about him every day since we lost him and I'd been to my first race since he'd died on the Sunday, I was totally in shock.

He also told me that I'd met someone recently but that they weren't telling me the whole truth and I'd been holding myself back which described Mr Nearly There perfectly.

He also said that I was going to meet someone, he said that they would work in the Motor Industry, they would have a race car and we would have loads in common, he said that there would be a child, although he did say a girl, he said he would be more on my level than anyone before, I'd not even thought about it again until about a week or so ago, Baggage Boy is all of those apart from he has a boy and not a girl, I don't know why I'd not clicked on the motor industry job or how I'd missed it, he said nothing would happen until February although he said he didn't know why, he was quite specific on Feb though, I guess in a month's time we'll see if there is anything in that!

A perfect Sunday with a smack in the face for good measure......

He's been very chatty following losing his job, I've been trying to balance wanting to support him with keeping my distance, he offered to help me with my photography homework and I obviously didn't say no, so I went over on Sunday to take some photos, he asked what I wanted for dinner when I arrived and we decided on Chinese, we went out to take photos and as usual ended up in floods of giggles, he makes me smile so much, I can't stop myself touching him and he always sits right next to me.

When we were having dinner he said how he couldn't manage talking to anyone else for as long as we do and that the only reason he ever puts the phone down is that he has to do something, we went back to his and looked at the photos, we even liked the same one's. 

I was sitting on the sofa and he was sitting on the floor next to me, I have cold hands and he likes cold on his neck so as usual I put my hand on his neck, which he's been having issues with so I gave him a bit of a massage, which then turned to him asking if I'd do a bit on his shoulder so I did and it turned to a back and neck massage, he's changed his time for his son, he's now going to be having him all weekend instead of just one night, I said I thought it was great but would affect his social life, he said he had a babysitter that he could call on and said 'I might even want to go on a date one day' I'm so glad I wasn't looking at him, he would have probably seen that my face looked a bit like I'd been slapped and to be fair that would have been exactly how I felt, there was a second when I had my thumb in his neck that I felt like digging it in and hurting him. 

We carried on, although it had put a little bit of a dampener on it for me, as I clicked his back, back into place he again commented that no one had been able to do it like I had, I told him about the Medium from last year (I don't know if I've gone into that?) I'll pop it into the next post, I'm not sure if he was a bit weirded out, it seemed like the time. 

We were looking through old videos of his little boy, he's super cute (maybe I just think that because of his Dad?!) 

I eventually left around 11:30 after being there since 3:00, he gave me a kiss and a cuddle as usual and I left, he asked me to tell him I was home (as usual) which I did. 

I came home feeling terribly mixed up, I'd had such a lovely day but it had been ruined by the comment, I had a few tears on the way home, we've talked today by text, he called me early on this morning but I didn't answer as I was at work.

I've spoken to two friends about it and they've both said he's nuts (it's their duty!) he does send totally mixed signals, for me a massage is quite intimate (unless I'm paying for it, that's totally different)

Currently I feel like my happy is just past my fingertips, I can see it but I can't get hold of it, that is a totally rubbish feeling. 

Up and down........

I sent the present, he received it and sent a thankyou, saying he'd been having a really rough time and It had really cheered him up, I was pleased. It took me a while to respond, that was Christmas Eve, we had a couple of text on Christmas Day and then I was sitting there my phone rang, his photo popped up, I answered and we have a normal conversation, with the one I like, went back I to my friends with a massive smile, the messages kept coming and it stayed like that for the following days, he rang me on NYE and tried to get me to go out with him, I did say no (kind of wish Id gone) he asked if id like to do something the next day to which I said yes.

We had such a lovely time, bowling, dinner, movie, Nerf wars (and betting on nerf wars!) a very happy and perfect day! He walked into the living room stark naked apart from a pinny, he had all of these bets that were a bit, shall we say close to the wire! A friend mentioned that I should have jumped on him while he was in the pinny, maybe I did miss out!

 Obviously that doesn't last though and the quiet act came back and then he reappeared, we had a day at Autosport which to be fair was rubbish, he was switched off and I got home feeling let down and upset, it was a waste of make up day, I also didn't feel great so I fell asleep on the sofa, he phoned two hours later but I missed the call, a quiet few days followed, I was doing well, getting on, although feeling the pangs each day when the phone didn't go. We went 36 hours without a message and I made it without contacting him and then the text went.

I've even changed his ring and text tones so that I don't jump overtime it's him, hopefully that will help.

Life is a strange place when your me!