Thursday, 19 June 2014

All quiet on the western front.......

Not a lot happening here, I saw Uniform on Sunday for a bit, although I was shattered after a 14 mile charity walk, he told me off as my knee and my toes were swollen and I'm not supposed to be doing so much exercise but it's getting better now.

Loving Tinder but not actually sure I'm really ready to meet anyone yet, I'm off on holiday for a week on Monday so it's not worth me doing anything until after then anyway.

It's been busy here, I've had a ton of interviews and accepted a job to start when I get back, hence dating taking a back seat!

Monday, 9 June 2014

He's back........

Uniform arrived home today, I woke up to a message asking if I could pick him up but I didn't get it until it was too late, then I got a message telling me to pop round and let myself in as he was getting in the shower, he was out of the shower by the time I arrived, a big hug and kiss and catch up and he tried to get me to the pub but I had an appointment so said I'd meet him after, went to the pub for one and then back to his for takeaway and he promptly fell asleep on me on the sofa for a couple of hours before I left and came home.

See that's what I like, the snuggly, cuddly bit! :-)

He smelt divine......... even now I'm home I keep getting a whiff of it...........

I keep hearing from Dodo Hunter, he says getting any kind of commitment from me is like drawing blood, I'm not totally saying I don't agree!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

No interrogation!

It was all a bit too easy although Looby's decided that it was a bad idea after all as he's an emotional fuck up! (He was perfect for me until they fell out!)

All that's been mentioned is that he stayed at the cousins too and that I must have looked delightful the next morning as my hair had been out up within an inch of its life and I had makeup on all night, paying for that now as I have a spot.

I'm on Tinder!! It's amazing, totally shallow and based solely on if you like the look of the person, perfect ha?!

It's been a hard week, a friend of mine died racing, I'm still totally shaken by it, a great person who will be sorely missed.

Uniform gets home on Monday, looking forward to seeing him I think, I've decided if I've not got proper butterflies I'm going to call it friend zoned.

Space Cadet continues to be my personal hero!

Well, that's about it!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Looby's Renewal

Yesterday was Looby's vowel renewal, I was on bridesmaid duty, I was dreading it as I wouldn't know many people but it turned out to be a really lovely day, the sun shine, they had a bungee run and a bouncy slide, all great fun in a bridesmaid dress and we did them a lot!

I'd got a text in the morning from one of my best friends who was at a bootsale (totally not my thing!) she said she'd just bumped into Mr Safe with his new wife, the text said another girl was with her and said he'd 'definitely downgraded after me and his missis is a moose' it did make me a little happy to read that, even though I'd finished it, got me off to a good start!

They've not been on great terms with BIL but he was there minus on/off (currently off I believe!) gf, at the first opportunity when the photos were being taken his Dad steered me towards him with a 'have you met my youngest son' and made a hasty exit!

Their cousin is someone I've known for years, we've had some ups and downs as he dated a friend of mine and left her and their daughter on Boxing Day one year which I was rather unimpressed with. As soon as I saw him I knew it would be trouble, he always gets me drunk, he was with BIL for a lot of the day so we were all chatting and BIL kept gravitating towards me and talking, each time either Looby, her hubby or FIL were around loving it that we were getting on.

Once the reception ended me, BIL and the cousin decided to go to town, via the cousins house but never made it to town, stayed at the cousins, ended up talking until 6 and then after a very little sleep got a taxi home (I'd drunk way too much to be able to collect my car at this point) BIL said he'd pick me up once we'd sobered up to collect my car.

He collected me and we chatted on the way in, he dropped me and I decided to order a pizza to collect, walks into Dominos and guess who's standing there?!

I will have the Spanish Inquisition from Looby when I see her but we will see!