Friday, 14 August 2015


We're five days on from the last post and thankfully the spinning and reeling are becoming less frequent.

I've neither heard from or contacted him (the last message is from him)

ET has been a bit of an idiot this week, getting stroppy over what was essentially her fault, I won't go into it further here but it doesn't appear to be a lone incident.

I've pretty much shut myself away after work each day and it's been nice, I've been having a hard time sleeping and it's helped, getting to bed earlier and I hope it's a good sign that my mind is starting to ease and we can start getting back on track, it's still early days though.

I was mean to be out tonight, still not sure I'm ready to face seeing him though, makes going out harder!

Monday, 10 August 2015

In spin mode...............

My little world has lurched between spin and reel for the last week.

On Friday night I went out with Baggage Boy, that was an experience, we went to a car show first, a nice warm evening, a walk in the sunshine, it was good, we then went back to his to get ready, I was getting in the shower when he said 'I'll be in, in a minute' to which I laughed, it wasn't quite so funny a few minutes later when he got in the shower with me, that was rather unexpected.

We had a good night out, cocktails, drinks, gay club following my 'I'm turning lesbian' comment (more straight people than gay I reckon) danced, laughed, noticed how much he looked at women despite having a girlfriend, we got home, went to bed and again he spent all night cuddling me, every time I moved he  moved and got hold of me again, somewhat a strange old situation if you ask me. It certainly confuses matters, I do however now know that I wouldn't go there, I couldn't cope with someone that thinks it's ok to blur lines like he does.

Dodo Hunter has appeared a few times in recent months, usually late at night and I assume after a few drinks, we apparently 'will get it together' at some point, as I was out in his town I sent him a message, he said he wanted to meet up but wasn't prepared to go to the gay club (which I thought was quite funny) he said about meeting for lunch on the Saturday, it of course never happened and to be honest by Saturday I was feeling rather hungover!

On Saturday 22's sister posted a photo of him and her at the pub which has made the chances of running into him all the more real, as soon as  I saw it, it sent me into downward spiral mode, which I have to say isn't a place I'm terribly keen on, 

On Wednesday he sent me a Facebook message, I'd been convinced that I'd never hear from him again, this brought on another complete spin moment, I know I shouldn't have answered, I knew that at the time and I know that now but I wanted him to tell me his 'news' he asked how I was etc, said he had a new phone so hadn't got any message, sent me his new number, I said I'd heard he had some news, he went silent but answered something else, what can I say?! You can lead a horse to water they say......

On Friday I  was sitting at work, at my desk when I decided to have a little Facebook browse, what jumps out, straight in my face? A scan photo, 22 is obviously tagged in it, it's official - the baby has been announced and is due in February, it has so far brought up a few feelings, the first was feeling sick, hurt, anger, wanting to punch him and wanting to cry have all appeared in quick succession, I imagine thinking myself fortunate and the calm will also come soon and hopefully stay longer than the others, thankfully none of those feelings could come out because I was sat at my desk at work.

Half of me wanted to go out and get drunk beyond all recognition, the other half wanted to go home, lock the door and curl up into a little ball, I did however have  date with my god daughter for a girlie night in so I did that instead.

I was meant to go out on Saturday night with ET but to be fair I really wasn't in the mood, when she text me Sat afternoon saying she was already out with one of the two blokes she's been 'seeing' I decided that I really couldn't bear being third wheel (a term she'd used when I had asked her if she wanted to come out with Baggage Boy and I the week before) so I tucked up on the sofa and got stuck into some more movies, my head is literally like a phone at the moment when you have too many apps open and it freezes, everything is jaunty and not functioning as it should.

I'm definitely at 'shut myself away from the world' stage again, I know it's not healthy and I shouldn't do it but currently when I'm out all I want to do is get home, lock my front door and not have to put on the happy face any more, I also don't know what I would do currently if'/when I come face to face with him which I  know will happen sooner or later, I guess me not going out lessens the chances significantly though.

It's now Monday and there are five more days to get through, I'm hoping work will be busier this week to give me less time to think about things.