Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dodo Hunter Date

Well no sooner had I done the last update than Dodo Hunter asked me if I'd like to go out on a date the following evening, to which I said yes, he said he'd never spoken to anyone on the phone from internet dating so I asked him what made him ring me, he said he didn't know!

He did moan that I wouldn't let him take me for dinner but I don't really do dinner on first dates, I don't like eating in front of strangers and I don't like to feel that I can't escape, which I explained, he also told me about his last date who took him to an Ann Summers shop and expected him to pay for what she had chosen, apparantly a friend had an emergency and he had to go rather quickly!

I told him I was a one date wonder and he asked why, I told him that I just didn't have the 'I'd like to see you again' thing with them so hadn't bothered to take it any further, he said he was sure that I'd want to go on a second date with him, I like a little bit of cocky without the arrogance.

We met up on Friday evening, I have to say he's a bit shorter than I'd choose at 5'10 he's really at the bottom of the scale, he wasn't bad looking but nothing amazing, however we had a really nice evening, a fair bit in common and had quite a few laughs, we were the last to leave the pub and he text to make sure I'd got home ok, he also sent a rather sweet message saying what a nice time he'd had and how comfortable he'd felt with me, he said that the challenge of getting a second date with me being a one date wonder would only be a bonus to the date.

Have heard from him since, both days so far.

Have a date with Intel tomorrow if I get home in time and am still alive, I've had a really busy (but lovely) weekend with friends and I'm shattered!

I am still getting daily texts from Space Cadet, Squaddie, Software Boy and very regular e-mails from GP who is at the Hungary GP this weekend, so all is busy on the dating front!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Current boys this week!

Right now onto the real stuff, the dating front!! No dates as yet but we have a few that are looking like they may end up going that way, in fact so many that I am getting confused myself!

We have Dodo Hunter a 28 year old from about 30 miles away who is a 5'10 project manager, started talking on POF Monday, switched to texting from Tuesday and he rang me out of the blue last night, which was both nice and a bit odd, nice conversation and he has a good bit of cheek and humour without going too far, as well as a bit of innuendo without being dirty if that makes sense? He rang me again this morning on the way to a meeting, it's been quite nice to have someone a bit proactive but not too fast in moving from the dating site to something more normal, without being too quick, two days from first contact to telephone calls is a record I think, see if it leads to a date now!

Next we have GP and I mean in the Grand Prix sense not Dr! He is 29, 6'2 GP Engineer from about 20 miles away, currently in Hungary for the GP this weekend but has been e-mailing for over a week since contacting me on POF, seems nice, I can't actually see me fancying him but I am very taken by his job! He is back from the GP on Monday so we will see if it develops further, I imagine it could get to first date stage but couldn't see any more than that.

Next is the Software Boy, who is 29, 6'2 from about 20 miles away (he probably lives next door to GP knowing my luck!) he writes software, have been e-mailing for a little while, it's now gone to texting and he had asked me out tomorrow night, I said I wasn't sure due to new job and Squaddie may have been up this Friday and I'm away for the rest of the weekend but now I can make it he's busy this Friday, so we will maybe make it another day, he texts most mornings and a couple of times throughout the day.

Next is Intel, who is 37, 6'1 and again lives about 20 miles away, he works in Intelligence for the Police, we made contact on a different dating site and have been texting for a couple of days, I accidently rang him yesterday as my new phone keeps a weird contact log, I didn't even realise until after and neither did he, he's asked if he can ring tonight and I've said yes, so we will see if he does, the major down point of this one already is that he has a son, we have arranged to go on a date next week.

Well that's about all that I'm talking to (apart from Musicman who is still on the scene but I've not managed to fit in a date!

The e-mails keep coming but I'm weeding them out to the one's that I think may be suitable and ignoring the rest, one, incidently is a Super Bike Rider but he lives too far away unfortunately, shame he's cute!

Thursday General Stuff

Wow it's been a busy week here!

I did go to see the Space Cadet last Thursday and we had a nice chilled out evening as ever (including kitten!) Usual set up, tea, laugher, tv, leaving his at 2 AM.

Have (obviously) had lots of texts since but he is doing my head in with all the rubbish he talks, the latest is a girl that is an old friend but has also been an ex and someone he used to mess around with, if people are going to lie why don't they remember what they are lying about?!

Squaddie got dumped on Sunday (his date two) quite spectacularly I might add and I have to say I was really pleased about it! I've tailed off on the texting this week as I don't really want to be anyone's second choice as it's not like I saw him and was wowed by him, he was just nice, I still stand by the fact that I think he's a bit of a womaniser and that's probably not something I want to get into!

On Tuesday I met up with another blast from the past, we'll call him Smiler, I went out with him when I was 18 and he was married (before you think badly of me I didn't know this at the time as he wasn't wearing his ring and didn't tell me) we were seeing eachother for a year when he showed up on my doorstep with his bags saying he'd left his wife, to be honest that was never really on the horizon and we'd not spoken about it so it was a bit of a shock, it wasn't the best of times and we split up about 6 months later.

We got in touch again on Facebook about 2 years or so ago, we both had partners but he wasnted to meet up, I said I didn't think it was appropriate as I was with W@nk bag and I didn't feel that it was fair, had I known then what I do now I wouldn't have hesitated! Anyway, we have tried to meet up a couple of times but I always end up running out of time but on Tuesday he was in my village to watch a football game so I went up, was nice to see him, he hasn't changed much, older but that's about it, he still has a girlfriend so we weren't meeting up as a date.

He texted me after to say I was looking great (all of these compliments from people from the past are lovely aren't they?!)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fickle Men!

Sorry it's been a while since the last update, there has been a lot going on in my little world!

Redundancy is hard work, job hunting, partying and generally enjoying myself!

Not been up to much on the dating front, lots of e-mails and texts but no real dates.

I did have a bit of an awkward one on Sunday though, I went to Oulton Park to see the British Super Bikes with the Space Cadet, the only thing was Squaddie was also going, so really it was mad not to try and meet up when we were both in the same place at the same time.

Now as you well know the Space Cadet and I are just friends these days (still a sore point if I'm being honest!) so I said that yes I would meet up with Squaddie to say Hello, I explained to the Space Cadet that a friend was trying to fix us up and that it would be good to meet him to save wasting a date if we didn't like eachother, he spent the day trying to steer me away from the area that Squaddie was in until I decided enough was enough and said I wanted to go and meet him.

Squaddie came and found us and he's ok, ok looking, actually speaks (a nice change sometimes!) we spent about an hour and a half with him which I have to say was awkward, Space Cadet was quiet to say the least!

I don't get it with him, he doesn't want me, I'm just not sure he wants anyone else to either!

Anyway, he came back for tea and it took ages for him to go home (I had an early start for an interview the next morning and was knackered!)

I had a text from Squaddie, saying he'dbeen pleasantly surprised by me and that I was nicer and younger looking than in my photo's and said about taking me on a date, which surprised me as I'd been soaked through to the skin at Oulton, hair a mess, three layers and a waterproof, to be honest I don't know why anyone would want to date me!

I also had a text from the Space Cadet asking if I would like some chill time together in the week (did he get the idea?!)

Anyway, lots of texting with both guys, Squaddie asked me out again but was due to go on a date so I said I thought we should wait until after, however the date didn't happen so he went out on the town with the boys and he met someone, so the date won't be happening now, after all that and awkward Sunday, why are men so fickle? They drive me nuts! He's been asking me out for ages (but would I be so interested if he was still chasing? What is my problem?!)

The Space Cadet text on Tuesday asking me if I was free on Thurs or Fri and I said I was on Thurs so I'm supposed to be going over tomorrow night for tea (cups of) and a DVD, I really think I need to be removing myself from the situation but I'm finding it really hard, I do without a doubt really like him, however I think if I were to go out with him I'd find him a total bore, he does nothing much apart from play Cricket, watch sport on TV and work in a fairly low paid job, is that really what I want to get into again?

I'm really pissed off at myself today, I wish I'd not dragged him over so I could meet him on Sunday and I wish I didn't always choose the wrong men!