Monday, 29 August 2011

Dodo Hunter Mark 2

God he's a stroppy one this one, after him giving me shit about not meeting him but going out with other people, it was mentioned that I was having dinner just up the road from where he lives on Saturday, so I agreed to meet him for a drink after dinner.

On Friday night he called me at around 3 AM when he came back from drinking, I wasn't impressed but I was up talking to someone else from internet dating (who may or may not get a mention later!)

When he said he was feeling too ill on Saturday I told him not to have a go at me again for not having time for him to which he said he'd still like to meet me, I met him around 10 for a drink in a local pub for an hour and as ever he was quite sweet.

The thing is I've been thinking about it and wondering if I really want another piss head in my life, he keeps trying to convince me that he's not normally like that but I have to say I'm skeptical, I'm sure I've been told that before, he did however want a 'proper kiss' so that on a second date is out of the way I guess!

He threw another strop yesterday and I don't think I'm up for it so I don't think you'll be hearing much more of him!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cinema with the Space Cadet

Friday brought cinema with the Space Cadet to see the Inbetweeners movie, it was awesome, he smelled absolutely gorgeous which I found very distracting with my huge passion for all things smelling nice.

He had text me in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go for dinner first but I had already eaten so I declined, saying we would do that some other time.

We went for a drink after the cinema and he was his usual charming self, he's lovely, he really is, a hug and kiss goodbye and neither of us turned which meant a kiss goodbye on the mouth.....

I have warned him that I will not be responsible for my actions if he smells that good when he's out with me again and I'm not sure if he realised i mean it!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Video Boy Mark Two

Date 1 mark 2 with Video Boy happened last night, at the same pub we went to last year! A lovely place, a really laid back evening, was there anything else there? I'm not sure is the answer.

I think he was a bit put out when he asked about my dating and I told him, he said he didn't really believe in the 'overlapping' of dates which is obviously what I'm doing at the moment and was a little shocked at the amount of dates I've been on lately!

He's done a fair bit of dating too which we discussed and his new nephew that was born in February, how the business is going etc.

It was a nice evening, he's now back into the basketball and has hurt his ankle so was limping quite badly by the end of the night, he said he'd nearly tried to rearrange but had thought better of it, have heard from  him today, we'll see.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Squaddie Update

Well apparantly a bit of mocking didn't work for the Squaddie, he thinks that's for friends not partners (despite the fact that he's been sending mocking by text for the last three months!) so that ship has sailed, I'm not sure if it would have been as friends or anything else but I would have actually gone out with him again, I was feeling a little upset about it at the time but I'm not sure if that's because it's the first time I've not been asked on date two and I'm feeling a little sore about it, he still wants to be friends, we'll see eh?!

I spent the afternoon with the Space Cadet and for all the wrong with the dating etc he never fails to put the smile back on my face, we only met in Starbucks for a cup of tea and cake but as ever totally lost track of time, he is truely lovely, is there a little bit of me that likes him as more than just a friend? Possibly.

Video Boy has been back in touch, asking if it's too late to try another date, to which I said no, we are going out on Thursday.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

GP Date

I knew as soon as I caught a glimpse of him that he wasn't my type at all but on the plus side we met in a pub garden on a lovely sunny Monday evening, we talked but there was definately nothing exciting and no chemistry, a shame really as I'm thinking a man that spends half of the year flying away to races might be my ideal man (I'm kind of thinking having a man on a part time basis might be the ideal for me!)

He's been in touch since, as soon as he got home in fact so I've tried to just slow the conversation a little, hopefully that will work?!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Intel date two and broken boundaries

Intel after much trying finally managed to get me out on my first date two (Well there was obviously a non-date two but as we now know apparantly that doesn't count!) this is my first date two in over a year, I kind of knew before I went there wasn't going to be a date three, just had that feeling and in a couple of conversations we'd had I'd found him a bit jealous, including one about Squaddie (which incidently he didn't and doesn't know was a date)

I had a call from Dodo Hunter just before I went out and a couple of messages, he asked if I was going on another first date to which I replied I was going on a second, his response said 'oh so you found your second dater...........  I feel a little bit gutted hope you have a good night'

To be honest he's been a little sporadic in his contact and I wasn't going to wait around for ever.

The date was ok, he talks a lot, infact I didn't have much chance which was probably good as my head was maybe elsewhere, I won't be going on a third, he bored me a little (this is becoming a habit it seems) and I kind of wish I'd not overcome being a one date wonder with him, I kind of wanted it to be with someone that was great and he probably is but not great for me.

Have heard very little from Squaddie today, a paltry two text messages in fact so I'm fairly certain that a second date invite is not going to come now, I have a friend saying I should find out to see where I stand but I'm not sure my confidence could take that much of a kick to be honest?

A bit of a disappointment to be honest.........

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Squaddie Date

Well the nerves set in on Thursday as I arrived in the guardroom and called him to tell him I was there, I was actually in the wrong place so it took him about 15 mins to find me which did nothing to help my nerves to be honest!

When I rang he'd just got out of the shower and he wasn't exactly what I was expecting when he turned up to meet me in shorts, rugby top and sporting a ginger beard! (If you remember I don't do hairy men anyway but ginger?!)

As he was booking me in they asked if I'd been there before to which I said no, he was saying what if you'd brought a girl home and when they ask that she says yes? Well as they took my photo a guy came to book a girl in and as they asked her the question I burst into giggles, my photo said it all really, lots of chuckles!

It was all very laid back, a bit like it is on the texts/e-mails really, we had lots to talk about, a fair bit in common and we actually got on really well.

He told me I looked really nice before we went out, the meal was fantastic, being vegetarian mean's it's normally a bit crap but not this time, he drove so I could have a glass of wine but due to needing to be up in the morning we left pretty early and went to Tesco to get some sandwiches for the Friday and some more drinks, we were both a bit dressed up for Tesco to be honest, including killer heels! (Me, not him I must add!)

We didn't stop talking really but then we are both the kind of people that will talk to anyone, so I'm not sure if it was liking eachother or just that?!

We went back and watched some TV over some more wine, we decided we should go to bed as we had a 5.00 AM start, so he got the sofa bed out and I got changed before both getting ready for bed.
Once we were in bed (well me in bed and him on sofa bed) we both decided we weren't ready to sleep so put the film back on, which we watched until we both fell to sleep.

Up at 5.00 we got ready and headed out to the track day, he got there first as he was on a bike and my sat nav got me lost, he went straight to say hello to my friend who was working there, which I have to say I was really impressed with and if you'd known my ex you would understand, he required constant baby sitting and wouldn't really talk to my friends, I got a text before I got there saying 'Ginger beard, really? and I have to say I knew what she meant, he's not my type at all, he's chubbier than I'd normally go for, he's not pretty like I like them but all I can say is there is something about him that I quite like.

He was in a garage with his friend that was there and I spent my time flitting between my friends that were working there, talking to the customers and staff and him, it was really nice that he didn't feel the need to be in eachothers pockets all day and he was happy to come and talk to my friends, we got him some free tuition too which was good and he was chuffed to bits that he got his knee down, I got some cracking photo's of the day too, so all was good really.

My friend had told the owner of the company that I was on a date with the guy I'd booked on, so he asked me first thing, with Squaddie standing there, it's lucky he could take it I think! I told him to bugger off and when he said he'd ask Squaddie I told him it would be the last work he'd get out of me if he did so he shut up lol!

He gave me a hug goodbye at the end of the day and we both said we'd had a lovely time.

Have heard from him since, just general chat, track days, photo's etc, my friend that introduced us asked him how it went so he told me to tell her to stop fishing lol!

Feeling a little mixed up about it today, I seem to be surrounded by men that would like to go out with me but any that I actually like don't seem to feel the same, how do I do it? I should have expected it, I had the 'eeeeeekkkkkkk' feeling in the week, the same as I'd had before meeting the Space Cadet, so I knew it would either be good or bad just like it was with him, I'm sure if you gave me a room full of men I would only like those that didn't like me!

Why am I so rubbish with the males of the species?!

Monday, 15 August 2011

The night out

I grew up in a lovely town, a town of dreaming spires and boat races, oh and drinking, lots and lots of drinking, so Saturday night was the night back home, staying at my mum's and meeting a few people that I used to spend a lot of time with, the Best Friend, Car Salesman, First Love, The one who left his wife (who needs a separate entry on here I realise!) Two Northern Lads (friends of the Best Friend) and Best Friends Ex who is a good mate of mine and not forgetting Flowers Boy, who was out in town!

Well my little sister took nearly two hours to curl my hair which I'm told looked great, coupled with a little black dress I was ready to go out.

The Salesman greeted me by telling me I looked great, as did the First Love which is always nice to be honest, I got a fair bit of attention from the Northern Lads too, which was nice, it was a great night apart from my lovely friend having to be put in a taxi by 12 as she was too drunk to get in anywhere, so I popped her in a taxi and spent the rest of the night boogying with the boys!

I had a few choices of men, I'm not good with choice so I didn't go for any, by Sunday there was an influx of messages, The one who left his wife telling me that nothing had changed in the 13 years we'd been apart, I asked what he meant and he said that I am still beautiful and surrounded by men, a compliment in deed, he's been texting ever since.

The Car Salesman text and told me how he'd spent the night being jealous of the attention I was getting and asking if he could take me out on a date, what I didn't know at this point was that he'd been having a conversation with my friend who had mentioned the fact that she thought I'd looked 'hot to trot' on Saturday and he'd agreed lol! I am apparantly going on a date with him this week!

Had a few texts from one of the Northern Lads too and Flowers boy, so pretty successful I think!

Spent a lovely day at my mum's with the family and my friend who had been put in a taxi the evening before!

This week we have Squaddie date and whatever else occurs?!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Messy, Messy, Messy!!!

As I said in my last entry I think my world could start to get messy in the near future, so I thought I'd best give you the full story........

Normally as you know I am a one date wonder, currently we have two dates that are going to date two stage (one this evening) which probably sounds like a good thing?!

Now until earlier in the year and the Space Cadet incident where I found out he was dating (or non dating in his case) other people I was under the impression that if you were dating someone you should just date them until you worked out whether it was going to go further or not, this incident changed my opinion to dating several people is ok as long as it's not serious, so this is what I've been doing.

On Tuesday I got an email on POF saying 'I knew I recognised that face' it took about an hour for me to place him as someone who we had our mobile phone contract with in the old company, I remember meeting him for the first and subsequent times and thinking how fit he was but it was obviously a bit unprofessional to do anything about it (especially as I gave his company the business and one of the reasons possibly was because he was fit!) We always used to have debates about whether he was gay or not because of the way he talked about his 'business partner' he is definately not gay!

Anyway a conversation on POF and then swapped numbers, heard a fair bit from him Wed but not much yesterday, he is one I would definately like to hear more from, I'm not sure telling him we thought he was gay was a good idea to be honest!

I had an email from Squaddie yesterday asking if I'd like to stay at his next Thursday as we are going to a track day together next Friday and his is nearer, he said that I can have his bed and he will have the sofa bed and that he'll take me for dinner, so we have a first date on Thursday, I'm a little nervous about staying over to be honest!

GP is in daily contact and I was supposed to meet him for a drink this afternoon, however I cancelled due to being shattered and the fact that I'm going out tonight, we are going to meet up a week Monday.

Now we have a night out in the home town tomorrow, with not one but three exes attending (including the one I slept with last year and the Salesman who is always asking me out!)

Can you see why I think life is going to get messy?! Oh deary me!

Intel Date amongst other things

Well we finally got around to it but only after me being made redundant for the second time in eight weeks as the company hasn't got enough work in my area (you would have thought they would have already known that to be honest!)

He was there before me and nicer looking than his photo, very easy conversation and generally a nice evening, he could talk for England mind and he does have a five year old.

I do think from the conversation that he could be a little possessive, which I'm not sure would go down very well with me, I have lots of male friends so we will see.

He texted me before I got home to ask if I'd like to do something tonight but I said I couldn't (What I didn't say was that I have date two with Dodo Hunter this evening!) but we are going to do something next week sometime.

I have a feeling that my world is going to get messy shortly!