Thursday, 31 March 2011

A very long week

Work is trying to kill me this week, Monday was Birmingham, Tuesday was Sheffield, yesterday was Newcastle and today was back to Birmingham (I live about 70 miles away from the nearest of those!) I have also done around 55 hours so far this week, none of which I get paid for and I can't claim time off, oh the joy!

Well the dating has been pretty quiet, I've been having lots of messages on POF but not from anyone I'd want to date.

The Salesman has been in touch again and we are going out to dinner on Monday, along with The Bestfriend, who he has moved in with after splitting up with the girlfriend, will be an interesting night I think, lots of catching up to be done!

Ok, the Space Cadet, well he's been just lovely this week, we've still not got plans to meet up again yet :-( but the messages have been lovely, his work keeps bringing him near mine when my work is taking me far away which is a little unfair if you ask me! I made a comment today that I thought he was a bit of a slapper and that I didn't think I was the only girl getting the lovely treatment from him, he replied asking how much time I thought he had on his hands, which to be fair I do get texts pretty much throughout the day and evening, I really hope he's as nice as he comes across and that he is indeed just taking things slowly, not stringing me along!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A first date or not a first date, that is the question!

Well it happened, finally some time with the Space Cadet that I didn't think would happen!

It didn't start well as I'd not got a text on Friday evening telling me to meet him at his work as it would be easier to look at the car there, so I arrived at his place to find no-one there! Eventually I got to his work and he looked at the issue with the car, it seems it's not fixable, it's only been into the dealer four times for this issue, he's taped it up in the meantime so it doesn't move!

I wondered if getting me to where he worked was a ploy so that we would travel separately and then both go home straight from Silverstone, it turned out it wasn't when he asked what car we were going in, I said mine as my fuel is paid for by work! Silverstone was cold so we only stayed a couple of hours, we watched his friends son race and spoke to her afterwards when we got to the yard he asked what I wanted to do and when I said I didn't mind he suggested we go back to his and then sort dinner from there.

I should add at this point that he is indeed ill, full of man flu!

So back to the flat that I've been to twice - neither time with him there! We had a couple of cups of tea while watching tv, lots of chat and eventually ordered an Indian Takeaway for dinner, it was so chilled out it was lovely, I'm not sure if it was too chilled out though, could it have been too friendly?

We get on so well, don't stop talking, share a twisted humour, unfortunately we are both a bit more shy in person than we are by text!

He had said earlier in the day that he needed to get some cold meds, so I suggested before 10 that he should go as they shut early, I offered to take him to save getting his car back out which I did, we got back to his and he said he would kiss me but he didn't want to give me his cold! I had to agree to be fair but I really don't think we have much luck, either that or it's not meant to happen!

He text on my way home saying he hoped I'd got home safely and I thanked him for a chilled day, apparantly my suggestion of putting some vodka in his beechams wasn't a good one and didn't taste nice!

He should have some Echinacea appearing on his doorstep in the next few days, my friend swears by it as a cure all!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Space Cadet is feeling ill - for a change!

Hmmm, I reckon the weekend is not going to happen, he has razorblade throat apparantly, as the saying goes if it looks too good to be true, it probably is?!

I think I may just have to give up, watch this space....................................

Weekly Update

Well it's been a busy week on the dating sites, I've had quite a few e-mails including some more from the guy from the village (who incidently looks better in his dating site pictures than he does in real life, I think they must be from a good few years ago!)

No-one that I think I'd like to date has arrived on the scene this week, I have had an interesting conversation with a friend though, it seems she's been internet dating too, I don't know her very well but has given us some interesting conversation!

Well I should probably explain Sunday a little more really, he wasn't feeling well, so said he didn't feel up to dinner but I could still take the car over for him to have a look at, I declined saying if he felt ill I didn't really want to get him out (I also hate being ill and avoid anyone that I think may make me ill, I even send my staff home if they appear to be carrying germs, I really don't do being ill well and don't have time for it!)

He said I could pop the car over in the week etc but to be honest I rarely get time by the time I get home, I told him I had a free weekend this weekend coming and he asked if I'd like to go and see his friends son racing at Silverstone, he know's I love cars and in fact anything fast so I have said yes, I did say that if the weathers not good what about dinner Saturday night and he said he thought that was a good idea, so we have a plan, will it happen? I think this is going to have to be last chance saloon and I'm going to have to back away if it doesn't happen this weekend!

A friend said last weekend that she was surprised I was bothering to give him a second chance which I do understand but I like him, that is about the size of it I'm afraid, who know's what tomorrow holds? Will the date ever happen? Won't it? Who knows but for now he has a knack of putting a massive smile on my face and I really can't knock that can I? (Apart from when I need to be serious and I have a cheshire cat grin on my face!)

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Well dinner is off, he's ill, brilliant, perfect, ace, over the bloody moon - not!!
Should I now be getting the hint? Despite dinner being his suggestion?!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturdays Update

Well the keep coming out of the woodwork on the dating sites, including a guy from my village that I have met a couple of times, he's e-mailed, I don't fancy him and he has four kids, I think I will be steering clear!!

It was ladies night last night and Stripper boy made his appearance, all I can say is that I'm glad I didn't go there, he was a total arrogant twat, it did make me chuckle though that he went home with the Psycho's ex-wife, teehee! Apparantly I'm being accused of having an affair with the husband of a friend (is that a word for someone that thinks your having an affair with their husband?) I have tackled her about it but she insists that there isn't a problem, it all stems from the fact that he sends me some jokes via text and she's been looking at his phone bill, oh the joy!

Well it's dinner with the space cadet tomorrow, I'm both nervous and excited, my beautiful car had a full valet today so it's ready for him to try fixing the deflector, had a lovely day with my good friend and running buddy, we had a gorgeous lunch and shopping trip and now for a night on the sofa to prepare myself for tomorrow, eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well I had no intention of even picking the computer up but I couldn't help myself!

It's been a busy week both on the dating front and at home, sick relatives, friends going through things that I wish they didn't have to, work crap etc, etc.

I've had loads of e-mails from people on the dating sites, not many that I actually fancy dating mind, have chatted to a couple a little bit, ones that actually seem like I might want to go on a date with!

Had a lunch with a couple of clients yesterday, one of the asked me out for dinner, well you could say that I'm not interested because frankly I'm not but as he's a client to a degree I have to play along so a business lunch it will be (hey it all goes on the company card so I can't complain, I do reckon he could be a bit of a sleaze though)

Stripper boy text tonight asking if I was up for the 'proper date' I told him I had too much going on at the moment.

Anyway, awful few days, texting from the space cadet has continued, tonight I text saying I was in desperate need of cuddles, I had a response asking what time I was over at his tomorrow (I'm going for my second sports massage with his flat mate!) I asked if he was going to volunteer her for cuddles and the response I got was that he was asking 'as we could do dins and a cuddle' if I fancied, if I fancied? Did he have any idea how long I've waited for that?!

Dinner? You know what dinner means? Dinner is his idea of a date! Oh now here is the problem, tomorrow is the big ladies night that I have been planning for ages, we have a friend coming to do an Ann Summers party at our local and the stripper doing his thang, you should have seen my face, something I wanted given to me just when it wasn't possible, arghhhh!

Anyway, dinner is still happening :-) Either Saturday evening or Sunday when he is also going to have a look at the little problem with my car for me, we are actually going to have a proper date, I only have one word for it at the moment and it is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tuesday's Update

Well the frogs are still hopping all over the pond this week, they are coming from nowhere, what's got into them? Is it the spring feeling maybe?

I've had a couple of people that I've chatted to in the past on the dating sites reappear in the last few days, do I want to go on that date we didn't go on? (What do you reckon?!) and one I talked to a lot over Christmas although I can't see it ever getting to date stage which is fine but he is funny and his messages make me chuckle.

I've been asked out on a proper date by the stripper and I'm torn as to what I should do, in the spirit of saying yes to everything and the sheer fact that he is GORGEOUS make me think I should but on the other hand there are plenty of no's to outweigh that, what should I do?

I forgot to add last week that I had a little problem with my car on Thursday, it's nothing serious but it does drive me a little crazy, well on Thursday I'd just about had enough of it and posted on facebook on my way to a meeting that it was driving me nuts, within minutes he had responded saying that he'd look at it for me if I wanted to pop it into his on my way home from work.

Any other day I would have jumped at the chance but on this particular day I had no makeup on, my hair had been washed and left to dry which meant that it was neither curly nor straight, I looked like shit and I had awful underwear on, all meaning that there was no way in this world that I was going to his house!!

I made an excuse of not getting finished in time (I was in fact home early!) he said he'd look another time for me, so yesterday I asked if he'd mind but made a point of saying that if he couldn't it wasn't a problem, 'of course I will' was the answer I got so I'm going over on Sunday to let him have a look and I will obviously be suitably dressed this time! He is still on the quiet side and I'm still not convinced that date three will ever happen but I like him, what more can I say?

My friend has decided that I need a doctor or a vet as a date so got me to sign up on there are a couple of nice looking men on there (I know I probably sound shallow but looks ARE the first thing you see!) however I have not paid to be a full member as yet, I think I'll wait to see if anyone nice contacts me first!!

I had my ex, ex's parents over last night and a nice evening was had, even if it was a little odd!

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Well the date didn't happen, we both went for the busy option (I'm actually not busy, I've been for a run but that's as far outside the door as I've stepped today!) If I'm honest I don't think my heart was ever really in it, I was going because I thought I should.

I'm sure I'm being played by the Space Cadet, nothing solid really but I can't help but feel that it's happening, why can't I take the sensible option with men? I have only done it once really and I was stupid enough to get bored! I think I need to write one twelth of the male population off - Leo's - always too busy wanting to be adored to properly care for someone else, I did have first hand experience of this with the ex but it does take me a little while to learn these things!

Talking of bored Mr Sensible Option (I must write him up) that I spent five years of my life with and lived with for four of them keeps cropping up in my life and I'm not really sure how it's happening! I have his parents coming to visit tomorrow evening and I went for my riding lesson yesterday only to see his brother and ended up riding with his two nieces who I spent years of my life babysitting and reading bedtime stories too, have you any idea how weird that was?!

Well last night took me to a 60's and 70's night in the village, I got mercilessly persued by a 22 year old who told me I was lovely, refused totally to believe my age and asked me out constantly, now I'm not one to complain but he was a bit like a wasp that just wouldn't go away, I must coat myself in citronella next time :-) He is actually a really sweet lad but he's shorter than me and it's a hell of an age gap (I know I like them young but that's bloody ridiculous isn't it?!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Internet Dating Trial Number Three!

Well the one from 80 miles away did get in touch, as he said he would and we're going on a date on Sunday (or is it a non-date as we're not having dinner? - God this confuses me!)

He's text a few times to make arrangements, I see this going one of two ways, either he doesn't like me or I don't like him, it doesn't really seem to go any other way for me!!

Oh I have agreed to a drink with the guy I've known for a few years next week too.

The Space Cadets text tone has definately changed, I'm sure of it? :-(

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The floods of offers seem to be flowing in again!

I've been talking to a couple of guys from the dating sites again, I seem to be good at finding one's that live far away! One lives about 70 miles away and the other about 80, cor I can pick 'em!

Have been chatting to them both by e-mail for a few weeks now and the one that lives about 80 miles away sent me a message last night asking if I was going to let him take me for a drink and giving me his mobile number, I've said yes and given him mine, so we will see if he gets in touch now to make arrangements. This one isn't as tall as the usual suspects at 5'10 and blonde, so not quite the norm but he is cute in his pictures (well if they are of him of course!)

I've also been asked out today by someone I've known for about 6 years, I don't know him well and I've only seen him two or three times in the last couple of years, the last at Haloween, he's been asking me out for ages but I keep putting him off (I don't even really know why) I keep getting e-mails telling me that he 'wants me' all very nice but I'm sure there is a reason why I can't quite get to date stage? Maybe if I go I'll see?

The 'Blast from the Past' came over last night (there was a reason - honest) but I got the feeling that he came more to see me again than the actual reason he was coming! On a positive note though he took my advice of 'saying yes to everything' and has a third date tonight with someone that I had to shoehorn him into going for a drink with, I'm quite pleased about that but it was only Friday that he was e-mailing me telling me he can't get me out of his head, it was a very sweet e-mail, why on earth can't I go for the one's like that?

I have the feeling that a Space Cadet date isn't actually going to happen, I don't think it will get beyond two non dates and a lot of texting, I don't know really why I have this feeling but I do, I am sensible enough when I need to give up on something but often I'm too stubborn to actually do it!

I think this thought came to me last night when I was asked out on the other date (well actually it's a drink so by Space Cadet's reasoning it's not a date without dinner so it's probably ok anyway?!) I could wait forever for the first date that I'm told will happen but what happens when it doesnt?

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Weekend

Well dating didn't really make much of an appearance this weekend, I went to see a band locally on Saturday and guess who I should bump into? My Knight in Shining Leathers, lovely as always, however I can't work out why everyone is so shocked that we hug and kiss every time we see eachother?! The only thing I can think of is that I've never seen anyone else do it, hey ho! Anyway he was his usual lovely self.

I'd better watch some of his DVD's so he can bring some more round ;-)

Well you know what drinking brings by now don't you? Drunken texting, however I was a lot less drunk tonight and used that to my advantage, I asked the space cadet if the two non-dates were actually going to lead to a date, apparantly he thinks we should do some dinner, apparantly that's what he classes as a date, so yeah I should bloody think so, it's only been what, six months of e-mailing, four months of texting and over 2500 texts in the last eight weeks, oh and two non-dates, d'oh!

Lets see if that one materialises shall we? I do hate the fact that he can always manage to put a smile on my face but could that just be because he does it so often or is it genuine? It's hard being female isn't it?

The frog kissing will continue until that bloody Prince arrives, the only problem is I'm likely to be 90 by the time he does, why are men always bloody late for everything?!

Well tomorrow brings Blast from the Past boy over for a cuppa (he is fully aware that I don't like him in that way!)

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Odd Day

Well I went for the sports massage, it was weird, I was nearly as nervous as going on a date and worried what I should wear and everything?! He wasn't going to be there and I knew this already, hmmmmm.

Well she was very nice, he was barely mentioned but she did hurt me, a lot actually! So much for making it better, we will see I suppose!

So Friday for me is now the bath and the sofa :-(

Today we have had a couple of ex's texting, the Space Cadet texting (will I ever get a first date, or even a third non-date? should I even care?)

The stripper texts constantly and now we have the plumber into the equation (I must write up on him!) Happy Friday people!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Catch Up

Well it's been a busy few days, had friends over for the weekend which was lovely, my friend brought me some beautiful flowers :-)

The weekend was somewhat marred by the happenings of Sunday, the Space Cadet had been a little quiet on Friday and Saturday (only 6 texts in one day which isn't much compared to normal) and when I saw on his facebook on Sunday that he was going for a 'lovely rendezvous' I can't say I was anything else but gutted, me being me had to ask, I couldn't help myself, much as I tried I couldn't!

He told me it wasn't a date, it was a drink with a girl (hmmmm!) the conversation carried on to me asking what we'd been on, to which I was told a drink and a cup of tea without the tea, he likes to take things slowly he tells me, sounds fine but is that slowly or is that playing games?

So apparantly it's not a date unless it involves dinner (who knew) I guess the good thing is I'm not the two date wonder I thought I was, because actually I've not been on a date since I've been single under those terms wooooohooooooooo! Apparantly we will get around to a 'real date' soon, for some reason I'm not holding my breath.

A few very moody days occured, with him trying to be sweet in order to cheer me up, I have been answering with short texts and no kisses on the end, so hopefully he's getting the message?!

As if by magic my knight in shining leathers appeared by e-mail again on the same day as all this happened, it's as if he knows when I'm feeling down in the dumps and just appears, taking the micky as always but sweet behind it.

Why can't I just like the men that like me? What's wrong with me eh? Why do I feel the need to get the unobtainable?

On a weird note, tomorrow I have to go to his flat, for a massage with his flatmate (female) while he's at work to try to sort my dodgy body out, how bloody weird is that going to be? (This was organised before Sunday's debacle, in fact also before non-date number two) hmmmm, now I hope she doesn't ask me how I know him because that I'm telling you could be awkward!