Thursday, 27 July 2017

A very long and tiring week........

I can't say it's because I'm rushed off my feet, actually if anything it's probably the polar opposite of that, I'm nor feeling it at the moment anyway, I'm not going to lie. I have decided that we probably can make things work if all of the offices change and mine isn't here anymore, so that's good news (I think)

Cunt Face has been decidedly quiet, I'm up there on a visit next week but I think it's highly unlikely that I'll get to see him, nothing new there then and the other friends I was hoping to catch up with are away, so I'm kinda regretting it now!

I have a date on Sunday, that's a bit of a shocker isn't it? I'm going to call him the Cake Destroyer, we matched on the 16th of July and it's very, very rare that I message first but I did, he was cute but his profile also said that he was a destroyer of cakes and I happen to bake a lot of cakes, so I asked what his favourite cake was, he responded saying he could make an Olympic Sport out of it and asked what was my piece de resistance, which meant a few messages whizzed back and forth regarding cake, he then brought up lots of other questions and a nice, not the normal boring, what do you do kinda conversation ensued.

Messages have been whizzing back and forth daily for nearly two weeks now and did you know that Tinder has a character limit on messages? No? Neither did we, however we reached it, not something I thought would ever happen on Tinder!

So, he's 29 (I know, what's 10 years between friends?!) but will be 30 shortly, he's in the RAF as a new recruit after a career change, so he's currently in basic training, he's based (for now) about an hour and a quarter away from me, although after training could end up anywhere.

It's definitely the most articulate conversation that I have ever had from a dating site, he's 5'11 so he's just under my height range but I could probably live with that, we've spoken every day I think.

He had a night out in Oxford last weekend, so I advised him on where he should go and he had a good night, he had made a couple of 'I've got the weekend off and I need things to do' about last weekend, however partly I didn't pick up on it and I was away anyway so that wouldn't have worked, although I had thought the other day that he hadn't got around to asking me out but looking back he had maybe hinted at it.

So, a couple of days ago I got a message saying that he was on duty Saturday but had Sunday off so would I like to meet up, I'm not really into weekend dating as I hate being disappointed at a weekend, however we seem to have a lot in common so I said yes, so Sunday we are meeting for a drink, we'll see how that goes eh?

I imagine it will turn out that either I won't like him, or I'll like him and he won't like me, which seems the way things work out for me!

He has said that he is bucking the Tinder trend and is going to find the perfect woman, so he's after Miss Right and I'm after Prince Charming, sounds like there are a lot of things that could go wrong here!!!

I'm out for dinner tonight with the Best Friends Ex, it sounds like BF still wants to come, even though the Car Salesman isn't, which I have to be honest I'm not very keen on, at least is CS was there it would take the pressure off of the situation a bit, I'm not up for playing piggy in the middle and the night was organised so that all four of us could catch up, should I stamp my feet?

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