Friday, 11 November 2016

No news is.........................

No news, it's just the same really, we've spoken every day so far but it's still not been quite what it was in the first few days, still don't have a date to meet up.

I finish work today for two weeks, on Wednesday I jet off on a six hour plane journey to the beautiful Cape Verde, I've not been abroad for over two years and I am much in need of it, especially now, I'm so stressed out that my period hasn't even arrived (it is definitely no other reason, panic not, we literally would be calling it a miracle birth!) so I hope that I can relax and not think about it too much, chances of that happening in reality though I think are slim.

On Wednesday I needed to try on the new undies that had arrived for holiday, we may have snapchatted a few shots, he appeared to get a little hot and bothered about them, the same shots also went to Stingy, his arch enemy, to be fair if I knew that something was going to happen and had a little bit of commitment I would happily close my accounts right now and to be fair I didn't think I'd say that myself, I sure can't imagine that anyone else would have pictured that coming out of my mouth.

I'm still using the sites, reluctantly, he has this 'I don't want anyone else' effect on me but I can't get near his head, it's not appearing to be a good sign is it?!

Bubble of confusion continues................

So, this weekend I'm at a show, showing for once instead of working which I'm looking forward to, then staying at a friends on Saturday night, home Sunday, Monday I'm having nails etc done and spending the day with my friend and her gorgeous little sunshine boy, Tuesday will be packing and then I hit the beach on Wednesday, I'm hoping for a few days to be lovely and go slowly, infact for the whole of the next two weeks to be like that.

I wonder if I'll hear from him today.............. my message still says unread but I can't believe he's not been on Whatsapp since last night, maybe he's dating, wouldn't surprise me, he is of course single now...........or is he?

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