Monday, 12 June 2017

Internet dating is terrible, just terrible............................

It is massively hard work for very little return, I don't believe for one minute that it is just me that has this problem.

I get LOADS of matches and then lots of chats but it turns into little or no dates and when there are dates it is with flaky people, yes, lets go out, oh I've double booked, sorry can we reschedule, etc. 

Sooooo, I've been on two dates with this guy that was really keen to meet, so much that date one he was asking if we could bring it forward as he was excited, we met, he was quite nice, asked if we could meet again before we left and messaged as soon as he arrived home. 

We continued to chat and met up for a second time, to be honest I liked him more the first time but it was after work, I'd been up since 5 and he was in his work clothes (I, on the other hand had been working an event and was in a dress, makeup and heels) 

We had a couple of hours and then he dropped me at the station to head home, he kissed me goodbye (he was a bit keen really) and off I went, I got a message from him on the way home to say he'd really enjoyed it and when could we meet up again. 

Anyway, since then he's fucked me around, making plans to meet yesterday, then not answering where we were meeting and a time so I told him to piss off, he has now wasted two of my days that could have been used for something else, that is more than enough.

He keeps getting back in touch, asking for one last chance and he likes me and blah, blah, blah........

I've had a date with another one, we'll call him Mr Bumble (you'll never guess which app we met on?!) We matched on the 22nd May (I didn't know that, he told me) what I didn't know when we matched was that he was on a business trip, which meant that he appeared much closer than he he is in real life, however he didn't reveal this little bit of info for a couple of days, we chatted on the app for a bit and then we exchanged numbers and whatsapped.

The problem being that he was working about 45 minutes away from me but he lives about two hours away from me, so that's an obvious stumbling block, however we seemed to get on well and he said he'd like to meet up.

I had a meeting in London last week and he suggested we meet there, unlike the last one, he confirmed before the date (even told me he was excited to meet me) he chose the meeting venue and messaged me to tell me that he was so eager that he had got there early, we met and got on really well, I'm not sure that there were any sparks but I'm also not sure that happens on a first date much in real life? It's only happened to me once in the last seven years after all!

He's not really tall enough at 5'10, he's VERY ginger, fairly small build, he is a lycra clad lane hogger, the kind of person that spends there weekends holding me up in the car but he seems quite nice, he messaged me before I got home to say he enjoyed meeting me in '3d' and would like to do it again soon, he asked me last night when I was in London again but I'm in the day this week that he can't do due to work, so that won't happen.

I have been calling him the serial dater, as he had three other dates the week we met and had another at the weekend, he tells me about them but when I ask about them he always tells me that they are 'ok' or a maximum of a three star (it's a bit of an on going joke!) last night he joked that a whole chapter of his book would be about Miss Bumble, so I asked him what it would say, he gave a brief description of our meeting and said that the 'handsome man (ha) wants more but gets mixed signals' which I guess is his way of telling me he doesn't really know where he is but I do think that the distance will make things difficult anyway, so we will see. 

Been chatting to a few others but I can honestly say that I'm pretty bored of it, nothing seems to work out and I'm not sure that there are any decent men around anymore, it's a shame really, I've had 7 years now where I have been pretty much single and I'm starting to hate the male population.

Cunt Face still pop's up from time to time, completely full on and then completely full off, he totally fucks with my head to be honest but I still can't get past how I felt when I was with him, the song 'Starving' pretty much sums up my feelings on that one 'I didn't know that I was starving till I tasted you, Don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo' Oh I am bloody brilliant at picking them! 

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